Sunday, 22 August 2010

BECKY♪# finishes first live tour


On August 20th, singer/television personality Becky ♪♯ finished up the last stop on her live tour at the Tokyo Akasaka BLITZ. The tour took her to seven venues across eight cities nationwide, and at the last live, she had 1400 enthusiastic fans in the venue to see her. As she reached the last song, the fans yelled out their thanks to the singer, while revealing sunflowers they had snuck into the venue. All the fans lifted their sunflowers up over their heads and sang along with Becky, taking the singer completely by surprise, and the singer wrapped up the performance with enthusiasm.

The “BECKY ♪♯ FIRST LIVE TOUR 2010 ‘Kokoro no Mori’” contained songs from her debut single, “Kokoro Komete“, to her latest single from July, “Emerald.” She also revealed a brand new song that was made specifically for the tour, titled, “Buruba.”

After she finished singing her last song to her sunflower holding fans, she thanked them for their support. Ever since her singing debut in December, she had wanted to do a nationwide tour, and with their help, it ended up as a great success.

source: tokyohive


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