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Big Brother 2010: Anthea Turner makes a return to the house nearly 10 years after being on Celebrity Big Brother
By Mail Online Reporter

Serving breakfast: Anthea Turner makes a surprise appearance in the Big Brother house as part of housemates' perfect day

Anthea Turner has made a return to the Big Brother house, nearly 10 years after starring on Celebrity Big Brother.

The 50-year-old presenter arrived in the house as part of the housemates' perfect day to serve them breakfast of pastries and fresh orange juice.

Turner, who appeared on the celebrity version of the reality show in 2001 but was evicted third, wore an apron over her outfit and presented the housemates with breakfast while they lay in bed.

First appearance: Anthea starred in Celebrity Big Brother in 2001

She congratulated the housemates on reaching the final, and when she left, Dave confessed to having had a crush on her when he was younger.

Josie joked: 'We're getting served breakfast by a celebrity, just who do we think we are?'

Turner was just one of the surprise arrivals into the house for the perfect day, which Andrew, Mario and Josie earned housemates after passing a secret Tree of Temptation task which required Andrew to say yes to everything he was asked.

Lucky housemates: Anthea served housemates fresh pastries and fruit juice

Crush: After she left, Dave admitted he had a crush on Anthea when he was younger

Housemates were also given makeovers as part of their reward - having their hair cut and styled by hairdresser Lee Stafford, as well as Josie having her make-up put on by a make-up artist.

Mario had his eyebrows waxed and fingernails painted in rainbow colours, while JJ and Andrew braved having their legs waxed.

Andrew faces the indignity of having green armpits for the next few days however, as he applied deodorant before having a spray tan, causing the unusual reaction.

Getting ready: As part of their perfect day, housemates were given beauty treatments including spray tans

Hairless: JJ had his legs waxed by a beauty therapist as part of the reward

Housemates were then given the chance to choose from a selection of clothes before drinking cocktails and eating dinner cooked by chef Nancy Lam.

Their evening finished with a performance from former Blue singer Simon Webbe, who is now starring in hit musical Sister Act.

It is hoped the treats will take Josie's mind off the departure of John James, with whom she had an on-off relationship.

Stylish: Josie had her hair done by celebrity stylist Lee Stafford

Finished look: Josie looked thrilled as her new look was unveiled

She pined over the Australian before going to bed last night, telling Dave: 'It's my first day without John James. It feels so empty.'

However shortly after that, the housemates were in the garden when shouting from John James and fellow evicted housemate Sam could be heard over the wall.

Josie shouted: 'Come back' before they were all told to return to the house.

Getting ready: Andrew (left) and JJ had their hair style by Stafford too

Perfect night: Housemates including Dave (left) and Mario were cooked dinner by Nancy Lam and also had cocktails

Before going in, she called out: 'I love you', but there was no reply.

The winner of the 11th, and final, series of the reality show will be crowned on Tuesday.

After the final, the winner will re-enter the house for a further two weeks, to compete against well-known names from past series of Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother, in Ultimate Big Brother.

source: dailymail


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