Thursday, 26 August 2010

Foxxi misQ’s CHiE to release first solo single

Vocalist CHiE, formerly of the hip-hop trio Foxxi misQ, has announced her first solo single. The release will come from Far Eastern Tribe Records on September 15th, and it’s called “Beautiful Ladies“.

Foxxi misQ announced their indefinite hiatus back in July, saying that they wanted to pursue solo projects. Former member YU-A has already continued her career as a soloist, so this makes CHiE the second member to release a single after the split. For her restart as a solo singer, she will be working with the same production team who did Spontania’s “Kimi no Subete ni” and INFINITY 16’s “Dream Lover” songs.

CHiE’s title song, “Beautiful Ladies”, will have a sweet pop melody over an original background track, and she said of her pending debut, “How far I can go by myself, and what kind of person I am, these are the sorts of things I want to discover.”

CHiE Solo Single “Beautiful Ladies” Track List:
01. Beautiful Ladies
02. Sweet Love
03. Still Love You
04. Beautiful Ladies (Instrumental)

source: tokyohive

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