Friday, 27 August 2010

Fukada Kyoko & Shiina Kippei at event for ‘Renai Gikyoku’!


On August 26th, Fukada Kyoko and Shiina Kippei showed up at an event promoting their upcoming movie, “Renai Gikyoku ~Please fall in love with me ~“.

Other than Kyoko and Kippei, the director of the movie, Kokami Shoji, also made an appearance. While there, Kokami confessed that one of the reasons he picked Kyoko as a lead star was that he was spellbound by Kyoko’s cleavage when he saw her in the movie “Yatta-man“. Kyoko showed a very confused face to the director after hearing that, and she said that she will conceal her cleavage from now on.

“Renai Gikyoku” will be released on September 25th.

Check out the trailer and photos from the movie after the jump!

source: tokyohive


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