Friday, 27 August 2010

Lindsay Lohan steps out post-rehab looking tanned and healthy... (let's hope it stays that way)

By Mail Online Reporter

Revved up: Lohan seen on Wednesday evening getting into a rental car in Santa Monica soon after after her release from rehab

Lindsay Lohan clearly kept an appointment with her beauty therapist soon after emerging from the seclusion of rehab.

The 24-year-old actress stepped out yesterday looking supremely bronzed and healthy as she attended a meeting in Santa Monica.

Wearing a low-cut white vest, and high waisted skirt and gladiator style heels, the troubled star looked the picture of sobriety.

Conditions: A court document spells out the strict conditions of Lohan's release, including drug monitoring

'Someone could easily have been killed or seriously hurt because of her irresponsible decisions that evening.'

Rice's attorney Paul Hoffman said: 'My client Tracie Rice thought she was going to die that night and wants Ms. Lohan to be held accountable,' he said after an early hearing in the case.

'Lohan's behaviour was so extreme and outrageous. Ms. Rice is still traumatized from the incident.'

If the lawsuit is not settled by the scheduled trial date, Lohan, 24, faces another courtroom appearance as she could be called to testify under oath about the incident.

In the meantime, Lindsay has to observe strict court rules after she was released from court ordered rehab following a three week stay of a planned 90-day stay.

Road to recovery: Lindsay must attend four psychotherapy sessions, counselling five times a week and two drug tests weekly

For the next three months, she must undergo psychotherapy four times a week, have counselling five times a week and have two drug tests a week.

She was ushered out of the UCLA drug treatment centre via a backdoor on Tuesday after a judge signed off her release.

Her mother Dina said earlier this month that the star would be moving from her Los Angeles home to New York on her release.

Talking to the U.S. Today Show, Dina Lohan announced: 'She’ll be coming back to New York. California is a wonderful state, but Los Angeles - it’s different there.
'It’s a different game you play there.’

Good news: Lohan's lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley speaks to the press outside the court in Beverly Hills

However, the court order yesterday states that the star must stay put at her current address in LA until November 1 and she cannot leave California without court approval.

She will also be jailed automatically for 30 days if she misses or fails a drug test.

After the hearing, Lohan's lawyer told reporters that the actress had accepted responsibility for her actions and was ready for a fresh start.

Shawn Chapman Holley said: 'She has changed. She's healthy, she's clear-headed, she's positive.

She's looking forward to beginning anew and having a productive life and schedule.'

The court also dismissed two counts of Lohan being under the influence of cocaine.

Holley said Lohan was released early from rehab 'because the treating doctors at UCLA felt she had done everything required of her there.'

House call: Ex girlfriend Samantha Ronson was one of the first people to visit Lohan at her home following her release

source: dailymail


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