Sunday, 22 August 2010

No sexy dancing here, love! Shakira faces 'elf and safety fine for dancing in a fountain
By Daily Mail Reporter

Shakira splash: The songstress enjoys a lark in a Barcelona fountain while filming her new video

The sight of Shakira splashing around in a fountain is not the kind of thing that would upset most people. If anything, the opposite is the case.

But spoilsport officials in Barcelona have seen the Colombian singer shooting her new video and they are not happy about it.

After seeing YouTube footage of her dancing in the famed Pla de Palau fountain with fans and riding on the back of a Harley Davidson motorcycle without a helmet, Shakira, 33, could face fines from the health and safety brigade.

Permission not granted: Shakira did not receive approval from the city's council for the fountain dip, which was captured on YouTube

Shakira is in the Spanish city filming her latest music video for the track Loca, but fans who witnessed the fountain frolicking posted videos online.

One city council member pointed out that Shakira 'did not even ask permission to film' in the landmark and could be fined as a result. The authorities will assess the video and could punish 'those responsible.'

'When asking for permission in Barcelona, you can take this kind of footage without problems,' the council member added. 'We will analyze the images to detect infringements that have been committed during the recording of the spot.'

Shakira was also pictured zooming about the city on the back of motorbike without mandatory head protection.

The council has complained that Shakira 'does not lead by example' being 'a public person.'

Helmet required: Shakira's helmet-less motorcycle ride was yet another no-no

source: dailymail

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