Saturday, 28 August 2010

This weeks lookbook legwear picks "Malice and misery" by Tenshi In Wonderland: "Landed from Haru, Internet False Eyelashes, Random Galantery Pink Warmers, Lustrous Vest" "One week and you're acting crazy." by Isabel Scott: "Topshop Stripe Dress (worn As Top), Topshop Skirt, D.i.y Tights" "& all my love is yours alone" by K. M.: "Vintage Frilly Blouse from Thrifted, High Waisted Button Skirt from Forever 21, Costume Pearls from Room Service Vintage, Lace Tights from Online Somewhere" "will you stay in our lovers' story?" by Jen O. Cide: "Thrifted Silk Blouse from Salvation Army, Circle Skirt from H&M, Sheer Tights from the Bay, Liliana Studded Platforms from Army & Navy" "good morning wonderland" by Chloé De Jonge: "Dress from Zara, Purple Tights from Calzedonia" "I've got to leave here before I go." by Tran Huke: "Vintage Wool and Velvet Hat, Vintage Red Bow Tie, Blue Jumper, Urban Outfitters Floral Tights" "it'd break my heart if we fell apart" by Abbie Walker: "Smiley/sad Tee from Topshop, Flowery Tights, Bodycon Skirt" "French Lace" by Roberta D.: "Antigue Store Vintage Purse from Pontotoc,mississippi, Peacock Feather, Fredflare Shades from, F21 Lace Dresses" "Live is wonderful!" by Alexandra R.: "Blue Tights with Stripes from H&M"

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