Friday, 17 September 2010

Caught with his pants down, the TV newsreader who went live with no trousers

By James White

And finally: The newsreader finishes his bulletin on Slovenian TV, to reveal he is without his trousers

It was the kind of stunt that wouldn't look out of place in the Will Ferrell TV news channel film Anchorman.

A newsreader, seemingly oblivious to the cameras still running, swivels in his chair to speak to an assistant.

However, the movement reveals to viewers that the man has presented the bulletin in just his underwear, with no trousers to be seen.
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The 17-second clip was posted from YouTube and taken from the credit sequence of the Slovenian programme 24UR.

The programme is aired on POP TV, a commercial channel popular in the tiny Eastern European country.

In Anchorman, Ferrell plays a popular yet hapless newsreader whose colleagues fiddle with the auto cue and even throw footballs during live broadcasts.

Funny guy: The newsman chats with a colleague but it is not known why he did it

source: dailymail


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