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Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles cosy up on the sofa as Daybreak debuts on ITV


By Andrea Magrath

Looking cosy: Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley cuddled up on the sofa to kick of their new ITV breakfast show Daybreak

After leaving the BBC one after the other in spectacular style, Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley looked very happy to be sitting next to each other once again as they kicked off their new ITV breakfast programme Daybreak.

Looking incredibly cosy as they sat inches apart on the sofa, the pair started the show with the words 'Dawn is happening, day is breaking here behind us,' gesturing to the sunrise behind them.

The London weather cooperated for the show producers, putting on a glorious sunrise behind the presenters as they opened the show from a new state of the art studio at Southbank.

'We spent good money bringing this view to you so I'm glad you can see it,' joked Adrian, gesturing to the London skyline behind them.

The pair were at pains to show off their new studio. 'I've work in some really sh.... shoe-cupboard-like places before' Adrian joked, to laughter from the crew. 'This is a huge, state-of-the-art studio.'

They pointed out their enviable view, which takes in St Pauls, the Oxo Tower and the Shell building. 'We'll have to do something about those cranes though,' Adrian said. 'They ruin the view a bit, can we have a word?'

They stumbled over a word or two, but it was mostly smooth sailing for the pair, who appeared very comfortable in each others company.

Good morning: The presenters did not appear to struggle with their new 4am call time

Relaxed and at ease, Christine lounged at one point on the sofa and didn't seem to struggle with the early call time, while Adrian was clearly attempting to heed his new bosses' instructions to to 'brighten up his serious onscreen demeanour and ' look as though he is enjoying himself on the programme.'

Miss Bleakley's much talked about tan has been toned down for a more natural looking skin tone. She looked elegant in an above-the-knee taupe dress and nude heels.

The 31-year-old's hair looks as though it has been darkened slightly and chopped into a sleeker style.

After filming a comical advertisement last week that showed Adrian struggling with his wardrobe choices, the 43-year-old looked sharp in a navy blue suit with an open-neck blue shirt.

'We spent good money bringing this view to you': The pair shared their relief at the clear morning which showcased their spectacular view from Southbank

They began the show introducing the new team, which included sports man Dan Lobb, weather girl Lucy Verasamy, entertainment reporter Steve Hargrave and news reader Tasmin Lucia Khan before getting on with the show.

After crossing to the news and weather reports, the pair congratulated themselves on successfully getting through the first ten minutes.

'Eleven minutes in,' quipped Adrian, 'No mess ups so far!'

'We're hanging on!' Christine added.

The presenters took viewers on a tour of their 'new home', joking about their oversized clock and a screen which they 'hadn't quite found a use for yet.'

High spirits: An upbeat Christine giggled and joked during their opening lines, while Adrian was more serious, but did try to brighten up his usual serious demeanour

Breaking dawn: The show opened with spectacular scenes of sunrise over the Thames

They launched a daily news 'cheat sheet', called 5-a-day, 'to impress your friends and infuriate your colleagues' with your knowledge of the day's top stories, which included Wayne Rooney's infidelities, Tony Blair's security team under scrutiny, and the News of the World phone tapping scandal.

For the sports segment, Adrian left Christine behind on the sofa 'this is more of a man's thing' he said, to which Christine retorted, 'I'll just sit here and file my nails then.'

'Now this is the part where he walks and talks' Christine joked as Chiles made his way over to Dan Lobb's desk. 'Good luck Adrian.'

They hadn't quite found the best way for Adrian to make his way across the studio yet, and he found himself climbing over Christine to get past her to the sports desk on his second trip. 'Move your legs Christine,' he said. 'That's part of the challenge,' she joked back. 'You've got to hurdle over there.'

State of the art studios: The presenters were joined on the sofa by their new team to kick off the show, before giving viewers a tour of their 'new home'

When reading over the morning newspapers, the duo found a piece in the Sun newspaper making fun of Adrian Chiles' ear hair.

'I can reveal,' Christine joked, 'Its an exclusive... he did shave his ears for this morning.'

The programme aims to provide 'credible, classy and very high quality' journalism with news stories, lifestyle features and exclusive investigations as well as interviews, sport and weather.

But they also are under instructions from ITV bosses in a 19-page handbook entitled Daybreak: Structure and Style, to 'get viewers smiling.'

Headlines: Adrian Chiles reads today's edition of The Daily Mail

It states: 'Adrian and Christine's relationship – and the chemistry they have – is key.

We don't want them to look serious and glum for two and a half hours, they share a joke, have some banter, look like they're enjoying themselves.'

Christine and Adrian certainly did that as hurried over to stand in front of a screent o present a light-hearted segment 'Daybreakers', which shows viewers 'fun, quirky or unusual' short stories. The presenters were in fits of laughter as Adrian tried to keep up with his 'quick' co-star, and almost missed his cue.

The producers have landed a big name for their first broadcast, securing Tony Blair for an interview to promote his new book later in the show.

Features Editor Grainne Seoige, who has been called a 'Christine lookalike', also will get off to a high profile start, filming a segment in Prince Charles' garden.

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source: dailymail

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