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David Beckham to turn up the heat on escort girl's lurid claims by demanding answers from magazine


Suing over claims: David Beckham was mobbed by fans when he arrived in Trinidad yesterday

David Beckham will write to German media magnate Heinz Bauer today, demanding to know why he allowed one of his U.S. magazines to publish prostitute Irma Nici’s ‘tissue of lies’ about him.

The Daily Mail has learned that billionaire Mr Bauer, 70, will be asked to explain how Miss Nici’s unfounded claims that she had an affair with the football star came to be published by In Touch, a Bauer-owned magazine in America.

The letter will be delivered to both the New Jersey offices of In Touch and Mr Bauer’s global headquarters in Hamburg.

Beckham with FIFA's Sepp Blatter, Jack Warner and Franz Beckenbauer at the FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup in Port of Spain, Trinidad

According to sources close to Beckham, the superstar is ‘more determined than ever’ to receive an answer.

In the letter, he will demand to know why the story came to be published considering In Touch was told ‘repeatedly’ before publication that it was false.

Beckham, 35, will also ask why, as his legal team believe, not even rudimentary checks were made on Miss Nici’s lurid claims.

Writ served: Irma Nici, a former Bosnian war refugee, was hunted down to the W Hotel in New York

Beckham’s camp believe that Miss Nici did not produce any evidence to support her claims before the magazine went to print.

And the former England captain is bewildered that nobody from the publishing house therefore made checks to substantiate her claims.

It has been suggested that Miss Nici had claimed she had telephone records and a diary detailing the alleged liaison.

However, Beckham’s side believe these were never produced for the magazine – making their decision to publish even more ‘shocking’ in their opinion.

David looked tired and drawn as he picked up his sons from school

Last night, a source close to the star said: ‘We will be asking Mr Bauer what he has to say about this story? And what is he going to do about this story now it has been shown to be a tissue of lies?’

Beckham has already launched writs totalling £16million over the story.

He is suing the magazine in the U.S. for ‘malice’ for printing a falsehood when they had already been told it was untrue. Beckham began the legal action in Los Angeles Superior Court for unspecified damages for libel, slander and emotional distress in a 21-page document.

He is also suing the company for defamation in Germany because it is Mr Bauer’s global HQ. Miss Nici has also been served with a writ individually.

The legal letters were signed by Beckham on Thursday in Los Angeles.

Irma with her mother Nadija, with whom she fled the conflict in Bosnia

He was so determined to push ahead with legal action he even launched a manhunt to find Miss Nici after she went to ground following the magazine’s publication on Wednesday, September 22.

The star ordered aides to hire private detectives and was prepared to scour the globe to find Miss Nici and serve her with a writ. The investigators appeared to have completed their job after three days when Miss Nici – who it has emerged is a former Bosnian war refugee – was hunted down to the W Hotel in New York.

In response, Miss Nici’s management put a defiant statement on her website on Saturday evening defending the prostitute. They even, bizarrely, claimed any legal action was a ‘publicity stunt’.

Victoria Beckham looked glum as she watched David play for LA Galaxy with celebritiy hairdresser Ken Paves

On Saturday, Beckham flew to Trinidad where his football academy was hosting a football festival and the final of the Under-17 Women’s World Cup was taking place.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter and Jack Warner, a FIFA vice-president, were at the event and Beckham was using the opportunity to lobby the pair to support England’s 2018 World Cup bid.

Beckham jetted into Trinidad’s private airport on Saturday morning with eldest son, Brooklyn, 11.

They were expected to board a private jet back to Los Angeles late last night.

Meanwhile, more details of Miss Nici’s background have come to light. It has emerged that her real name is Irma Nezirovic. She grew up in Sarajevo before becoming a refugee.

She is said to have witnessed atrocities – including rape – in a Bosnian internment camp during the conflict that led to the break-up of the former Yugoslavia.

She was then said to have worked as a prostitute in Holland before moving to Bayswater in London – where she had a two-bedroom flat – and then New York.

Good spirits: Beckham smiled as he spoke to FIFA Vice President and CONCACAF President Jack Warner during a training session for local players at the Marvin Lee Stadium in Macoya, Trinidad And Tobago, today

Game time: Beckham enjoys a kickaround with some of the people at his training session

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