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Gossip gorgeous! Leighton Meester, Blake Lively and Katie Cassidy are stunning on set



Battle of the blondes: Blake Lively and Katie Cassidy are all dressed up with nowhere to go as they share some steely glances on set

Blake Lively, Leighton Meester and Jessica Szohr looked absolutely gorgeous on set this week, displaying some stunning costumes as they filmed Gossip Girl.

The girls are all known for their very individual and unique sense of style, and it's becoming increasingly obvious why they are considered some of the most beautiful starlets in Hollywood.

Problem, darling? Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick look perfect together

All the girls have been in floor-length gowns and high heels with glamorous hair and make-up this week.

And Blake is no doubt relived to be back in beautiful, expensive clothes again after slumming it with bad makeup and costumes in The Town.

The actress looked like her old stunning self again as she smooched with Sam Wise on set.

What a doll: An Ugg-wearing Blake Lively looks stunning as she gets up close and personal with Sam Page on the set of Gossip Girl in Manhattan

Sealed with a kiss! Blake and Sam have a steamy moment as they lock lips on set

And although wearing heels comes with the territory for Blake and Leighton.

But it's apparent which they prefer as the actresses appeared to lose their smiles once they had to resume wearing their statement shoes on set.

The stars of the Manhattan based show were seen filming scenes for the forthcoming episode with co-stars Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford.

Dramatic! Katie Cassidy looks fantastic in her dress and heels as she and Sam Page film a serious scene together in New York

Both walked through scenes in their cosy sheepkin boots.

However as soon as they swapped the boots for their designer heels, they appeared to be suffering somewhat as both Blake, Serena Van Woodsen in the show, and Leighton, who plays snooty Blair Waldorf, pulled rather stern faces as they strutted the Manhattan pavements.

He said she said: Katie and Leighton have a good gossip on set in between takes

The start of season four saw Serena and Blair enjoying fashion and flirting in Paris.

But while Serena was the toast of the town, jealous Blair was not to play third wheel and ended up pushing her friend into a fountain in a fit of jealousy.

To come there are intriguing storylines that ought to keep fans hooked throughout what should be the show’s most grown-up season yet.

Lovin' it: Leighton Meester looks relaxed and confortable in her Uggs, but appears to grimace as she walks gingerly down the street in Manhattan

There’s baby mama drama for Dan after Georgina produces a DNA test claiming he’s the father of her child.

Meanwhile, Blake exposed a different side of herself to audiences - sporting greasy hair, yesterday's make up and a tarty push-up bra for her big screen role in Ben Affleck's hit movie The Town.

Why the long face? Blake Lively puts on a similarly stern look once she gets her grey leather shoe boots on

The glamorous Gossip Girl actress says it was important to her to 'look different and authentic" for Affleck's heist film, in which she plays a young mother living in a poor part of Boston.

'I was shooting Gossip Girl at the same time so I couldn't do anything that I couldn't go back to Gossip Girl with the next day,' she explained.

'I had brown dry shampoo that I would put on to make my roots look dirty and like they were growing out.

Holding on: Leighton gets a helping hand from Westwick in her high blue suede heels

'I'd wear these awful acrylic fingernails and do my make up with a tonne of eye liner the night before so I'd wake up and it'd be fallen down my face.'

Despite Ben originally wanting to cast a much older actress, the 23-year-old managed to convince the filmmaker she was right for the part. Blake insists her physical transformation was an important factor.

Change of pace: Blake is part of the cast of Ben Affleck movie The Town and she had to downgrade her glamorous image

'It's not just the way I looked but it's the way you feel with the nails and the grimy hair and face, with that came the accent and the attitude.

'I loved the opportunity to be someone so vastly different and escape,' she said.

source :dailymail

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