Thursday, 9 September 2010

Heidi Montag drowns her sorrows in Costa Rica while showing off her hot bikini body

By Daily Mail Reporter

Ease the pain: Heidi looked relaxed as she sipped on cocktails round the pool at her home

After filing for divorce last month she fled the country in the hope of staying out of the limelight.

But now it seems the wounds of heartbreak and her many surgeries are finally healing for Heidi Montag.

The 25-year-old reality star has been in seclusion at her home in Costa Rica since officially announcing her plan to divorce her husband of a year, Spencer Pratt - but in the last week the star has appeared relaxed and happy as she lounges by her pool and sips cocktails in the sun.

Wearing a black and snake skin print bikini and on over-sized straw hat, Heidi showed off the results of the ten surgical procedures which she underwent shortly before the separation, including larger breast implants and a nose job.

She recently tweeted: 'Warning: to anyone who is thinking about getting their ears pinned, i learned after the fact it is the most painful surgery a person can get,'talking about another f the many surgeries she had.

Montag, who rose to fame on the hit MTV show The Hills, had initially filed for legal separation from Pratt at the end of May but had the documents amended less than two months later to officially dissolve the marriage.

Surgically enhanced: The reality star showed off her new body in a snake-skin print bikini and large sun hat

She then headed down to Costa Rica to avoid the press attention the split was generating, as well as her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Although Spencer was no where to be soon, he yesterday made an out of character public apology to his former wife via Twitter and People Magazine.

The fame loving Hills star tweeted: 'I need to apologize to Heidi and my 11.5 fans.'
'I'm an epic douche - and you deserve better

Woman's best friend: She shares a smooch with a furry friend in the pool

He had earlier told People magazine that 'Divorce can be a trying, draining, and emotionally devastating experience for all involved. Despite these hardships, most individuals manage to conduct themselves with dignity and maturity. I did not – I failed spectacularly.

'I horribly embarrassed the one person that meant the world to me,' Pratt told the magazine.

'For my outrageous and infantile behavior, I offer Heidi my most sincere apologies.'

Fame whore: Heidi's ex-husband Spencer Pratt publicly apologized to his former wife yesterday

source :dailymail

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