Sunday, 5 September 2010

I am unable to wear tights containing Lycra

I AM unable to wear tights containing Lycra. In the past I bought my tights from a local shop but it closed down and I have been unable to find a replacement source. I would be grateful if you could recommend where I might be able to buy them over the phone or online. Jessie, 30, Abertillery, Gwent
CLAIRE SAYS: Pretty Polly Cool tights are made entirely of nylon and are available in Barely Black, Sherry and Sunblush (15 denier, £3.99,

Pretty Polly Soft Opaque, acrylic and nylon tights are really thick and come in black or chocolate so they will be perfect for winter (100 denier, £5, Falke Shelina tights come in six shades of nude, as well as black (15 denier, £6, 

Alternatively, Wolford’s Le9 tights are made from nylon and cotton but the nude is very sheer so they won’t be much good if you need coverage. Try the black instead (nine denier, £13, You could also try which specialises in 100 per cent nylon hosiery.

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