Friday, 10 September 2010

Is it hot in here? Megan Fox and Cristiano Ronaldo strip for sexy new Armani undie ads


By Daily Mail Reporter

Steamy: Fox answers the hotel door wearing only her Armani undies and a robe

They're undeniably easy on the eye.

So it's no surprise that new adverts for Emporio Armani play up Megan Fox and Cristiano Ronaldo's sexy side.

In Fox's latest advert she is seen answering a hotel door to a room service waiter wearing only her Armani underwear and a robe, while Ronaldo gives a housekeeping employee more than she bargains for when he wanders into his suite wearing only some tight-fitting briefs.

Room service: the embarrassed hotel employee brings in the room service trolley while a scantily clad Fox looks on

Ronaldo proceeds to put on a pair of Armani jeans - very slowly - but not before a few gratuitous close ups of his rippling six pack and backside.

The black and white ads are designed to get pulses racing.

Bare-chested: Ronaldo gives a hotel maid more than she bargains for when he walks into the suite wearing only his Emporio Armani underwear

Hiding place: the maid watches Ronaldo put on his Armani jeans from her position in the lounge

Fox, 24, and Ronaldo, 25, took over as the brand's celebrity faces - and bodies - in January.

Previous adverts featured Victoria and David Beckham, who this week released a steamy ad campaign of their own to launch their new fragrance.

Yesterday Fox was seen looking much more casual as she went for a manicure in Beverly Hills.

The newlywed left husband Brian Austin Green and his son Kassius outside while she went for the pampering session

Covered up: Fox wore loose-fitting trousers and a baggy T-shirt as she went for a manicure in Beverly Hills yesterday

source :dailymail

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