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It's over! Brian Dowling is the Ultimate Big Brother champion as he wins final series


By Daily Mail Reporter

I did it: Brian Dowling celebrates winning Ultimate Big Brother with the help of host Davina McCall, who earlier announced he was her favourite housemate

His cheeky personality and Irish charm made him a favourite of both the nation and his fellow housemates, never once facing nomination.

And now Brian Dowling has been named the Ultimate Big Brother champion.

The former trolley dolly was the bookies favourite from the moment he returned to the house, proving the 32-year-old was still as popular as when he first won Big Brother 2.

But the real star of last night's five-hour final show was host Davina McCall, who has been with the series since the very beginning back in 2000.

He's done it again: Former trolley dolly, 32, first came to fame when he won Big Brother series 2

Davina laughed and cried as Channel 4 made the most of the final night with an all-singing final show, marking the end of a 10-year reality television partnership.

The channel announced last summer it would not be renewing its deal with programme-maker Endemol.

The reality show may not end, however, as media tycoon Richard Desmond said he was thinking of reviving it when he took over the Five TV network in July.

They're out: Blonde housemates Chantelle and Nikki came third and second

The evening included an emotional video montage to late housemate Jade Goody, who died of cervical cancer aged 27 in 2009.

Davina was moved to tears by the tributes from the reality star's family and friends, saying simply: 'How could we not remember Jade?'

There was also a half-hour tribute to Davina, who revealed her REAL favourite housemate - eventual winner Brian. He's 'kind, funny, naughty,' she said.

She later ended the show by saying: 'I hate to say goodbye so I'm going to say night night.'

Jade Goody remembered: A tearful Davina was comforted as a tribute was screened to the late housemate, who died of cervical cancer

Memories: A fan shows her love for Jade 'the ultimate housemate'

With seven housemates still remaining at the beginning of the night, it was an action packed evening, culminating in Brian's coronation.

Brian looked shocked to triumph again, beating Nikki Grahame in the public vote.

He burst into tears and shouted 'Thank you so much' before dancing down the stairs to greet Davina as fireworks exploded.

He then joked: 'I'm sure you've got it wrong.'

The final fling: Brian celebrates with the help of former housemates Preston, Makosi, Nick, Michelle Bass, Craig, Pete Bennett, and Nikki

Speaking about the impact of the show, he said: 'It's one of the best things I could have ever done. It allowed me to be myself and allowed other people to accept you for who you are.

'The show is also about hope, in the sense that it gives people the opportunity to make their life that little bit better.

'I owe everything to the show, everything.'

Chantelle came third, while Victor, Nasty Nick, Preston and Ulrika had earlier been evicted.

Is love in the air? Both Preston and Chantelle faced uncomfortable questions about their relationship after the divorced couple bonded in the house

Tantrum queen Nikki, who first entered the house in 2006 dressed as a Playboy bunny, told Davina taking part in Ultimate Big Brother 'has meant the absolute world to me'.

'I'm so honoured to have been part of it,' she said.

Nikki said she had now learned to contain her legendary temper, adding: 'I have had to bite my tongue lots of times but I kind of erupted inside.'

One-hit wonder: Samuel Preston, known as Preston, waves to his 'fans'

In third place was Chantelle, who won Celebrity Big Brother in 2006 despite being the only housemate who was not famous.

The Essex glamour girl, who had to pretend to be a singer with fictional pop band Kandy Floss, fell in love with Ordinary Boys singer Preston in the house.

The couple married but split after 10 months and later divorced.

First out: Ulrika Jonsson is interviewed by Davina; despite winning an earlier series she only received a tiny fraction of the vote

They remained friends and viewers hoped they would reconcile during their second stint inside, especially as they marked what would have been their fourth anniversary.

Chantelle, who admitted she still had feelings for Preston, told Davina: 'It's a different outcome now. Obviously we're not going to be together.'

She was often tearful in the house and said: 'It's such a sad situation. I don't think I realised how sad it was until I spent so much time with him.

'I hadn't ever really got over what happened between us.'

Preston remained oblivious to her misery until yesterday when she confessed, anxious that he would hear about it during his post-eviction interview.

'Everyone knows, and even Preston now knows, how I feel,' she said, adding that she planned to 'talk to him properly.'

They're out: New best friends 'Nasty' Nick Bateman and Victor, who bonded inside

Preston, the second to be evicted last night, told McCall Houghton was 'a flipping great girl' but he still remembered why they split up

'It wasn't a Mickey Mouse glossy magazine break-up. It was really dark for both of us and messed us both up quite a lot.'

The now-solo singer, whose full name is Samuel Preston, said the house was not the ideal environment to talk things through but admitted there were 'strong feelings' between them

He told Davina he would also need to talk to his current girlfriend and had 'no idea' how his stint in the house might have affected the relationship.

It's only a gameshow: Nasty Nick makes his point

Celebrity Big Brother 2009 winner Ulrika Jonsson was first out during last night's two-part finale, followed by Preston then 'Nasty' Nick Bateman, who was asked to leave the first series in 2000 for trying to manipulate fellow housemates' eviction votes.

Bateman, wearing a T-shirt bearing the slogan 'It's only a gameshow', said: 'The show has been amazing and I'm very sad this is possibly the last time it's on TV.'

Victor Ebuwa, best known for a huge argument with fellow housemate Emma Greenwood during Big Brother 5, was fourth to leave.

I'm the REAL star: Davina rejected her usual style in place of a glittery red dress; she later changed into a more typical black outfit

source: dailymail

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