Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Jamie Oliver finds a new use in the kitchen for his Emmy Award for Food Revolution



By Jody Thompson

Chop chop: Jamie Oliver uses the Emmy Award that he won for Food Revolution to slice cucumber in the hilarious video on his official website

He might take his cooking seriously, but Jamie Oliver has made a hilarious video showing how he's going to use his Emmy Award statuette in the kitchen.

The star won the gong last week at the prestigious 62nd annual awards, held in Los Angeles, for his U.S. reality TV show Food Revolution.

But the video opens with the chef chopping cucumber with the much-prized gold statuette.

Haute cuisine: The Naked Chef uses the base of the gold statuette to crush a clove of garlic

Proud winner: The celebrity chef looks thrilled to bits with his award after chopping a cucumber to bits with it

Sporting a cheeky grin, the chef says: 'I've got this beautiful new kitchen gadget, it's brilliant! I've got a double bladed knife, a balloon whisk here, I've even got a garlic crusher and it works brilliantly, I've got a bottle opener here, it's everything I've ever ever dreamed of.'

He then demonstrates its use as a garlic crusher by bashing a clove on the work surface with the statuette's base, before seriously thanking the Academy who gave him the award for Best Reality Show, as well as those who he'd filmed Food Revolution with.

The TV series filmed the British chef trying to change school menus and residents’ eating habits in the U.S. town of Huntington, Virginia.

Art of cooking: The celebrity chef larks around turning the Emmy into a fruit bowl

Happy eater: Jamie smiles for the camera after decorating his Emmy Award with tomatoes, apples, herbs and a lemon

He enthuses: 'In all seriousness, this is a beautiful pat on the back for me, and I'd like to thank all of the crew, we had the most astounding crew, both English and American that absolutely lived The Food Revolution and contributed over and above what they were asked to do, they were incredible.'

Jamie also says that the project he started is still 'going strong' in Huntington, with local schools in particular still eating fresh food.

Jamies then concludes his video address by saying he's going to use the award in all his cooking shows from now on - then begins decorating it with fruit, vegetables and herbs.

He says: 'It's above and beyond a fruit bowl, look at that, it looks good, it's contemporary, you can sit it on table, you can put a candle in it, it's just great.'

Jamie meanwhile, who celebrated his 10th wedding anniversary in July with wife Jools, is expecting his fourth child.

The baby will be brother or sister to Petal Blossom Rainbow, one, Daisy Boo, seven, and Poppy Honey, eight. Jools is due to give birth any day now.

Happy couple: Jamie and an expectant Jools Oliver at their 10th wedding anniversary party in July
Meanwhile, watch Jamie's hilarious video by clicking below:

source: dailymail

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