Sunday, 5 September 2010

Kra all set to release new album “Gurico”


Visual Kei band Kra is all set to release their new album “Gurico” on November 24th.

This will be the band’s first full album since “Life” back in early 2009, and luckily for fans, it should be worth the wait. It will contain all the band’s most recent singles, like “Love Lab,” “bird,” and “Denowo Kuusou Riron.”

The album will come out in CD and CD + DVD limited versions. The DVD limited will come with special footage of “Kra Kimodameshide Dokyodameshi♪“, and it will also come packaged with a postcard from their most recent single, “Denowo Kuusou Riron”, that acts as a lottery registration ticket.

source: tokyohive

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