Monday, 6 September 2010

Lee Hyori endorses Cuchen rice cookers

“CF Queen” Lee Hyori is even promoting rice cookers in a sexy way!

Lee Hyori was selected as the model for a new CF by Cuchen, a premium kitchen electronics brand.

According to Cuchen, in the premium rice cooker’s “Definite Fine Quality” CF released on the 6th, and Lee Hyori had solidified the fine image of the premium rice cooker with her enthusiastic yet sexy appeal.

There was a buzz going around at the Chung-Dam Dong Studio where the CF was filmed, as Lee Hyori promoted the rice cooker smoothly with the phrase, “Let’s eat some rice!”

A representative of Cuchen praised Lee Hyori, “As a CF model who raised awareness for the various brands she has promoted- red pepper pastes and electronics – her image seems to fit the “Definite Fine Quality” rice cooker best.” He went on to mention the high expectations they have for the CF, “In the upcoming CF, Lee Hyori’s sexiness from her singing career and her enthusiastic, friendly image that is reflected in her programs are all showcased, so we are anticipating this CF to be a very highly effective one.”

Check out Lee Hyori’s killer smile and body in this witty CF.

source: allkpop

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