Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Look out, here comes 'Spider Dan': Daredevil scales 58-storey skyscraper with just a pair of hand-held suction cups

In awe: Bystanders watch as Dan Goodwin, aka Spider Dan, makes his way to the top of the Millennium Tower

He was arrested moments later for trespass and creating a public nuisance.

Police say Goodwin had ignored orders to stop scaling the building and by the time The San Francisco Fire Department arrived at the scene he was too high to reach.

Other buildings the climber has under his belt include Chicago's Sears Tower.

In a statement posted on his website 'Spider Dan' said he climbed the building to highlight the ongoing vulnerability of skyscrapers to terrorist attacks.

Triumph: 'Spider Dan', Dan Goodwin, above, reached the top of the San Francisco skyscraper after three hours, above, and was greeted by police who arrested him for trespass and creating a public nuisance. The climber scaled the glass building with no safety equipment, below

source: dailymail

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