Sunday, 26 September 2010

Magical summer is over for Emma Watson as she returns to university

Student life: Emma Watson hangs out with her university friends at Brown in the U.S.

After a summer romance and the excitement of completing the last of the Harry Potter films, it was back to her studies for Emma Watson.

The actress, still wearing her hair in the close-cropped style that she unveiled at the beginning of last month, has begun the second year of her degree at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

She appeared relaxed to be back at the Ivy League college - despite the news that she has broken up with her latest boyfriend, George Craig, frontman of up-and-coming band One Night Only.

Fitness guru: Emma was dressed head to toe in Nike gear for her workout at uni

The actress, 20, who plays Hermione in the Potter films, and the 19-year-old guitarist spent the summer together.

But since then they have been separated by thousands of miles after Miss Watson flew back to the U.S. to study European history, drama and women's studies.

Craig revealed: 'We're not together at the moment because it's just not practical.'
Alluding to his single status, he added: 'I'm no-strings attached, but I'm not, you know, a slut.'

Gym buddy? Emma Watson chats to a handsome fellow student in tennis gear

Chat up line? Another male student tries to chat up Emma but she doesn't look too impressed

The musician made it clear that he still had feelings for Miss Watson, telling ES magazine: 'We're into the same music and she's got a great, down-to-earth personality. She's also very beautiful.'

A source close to Miss Watson said: 'Emma and George made plans to try to make things work long distance, but it was not feasible. Emma knows this, but there have been tears.'

Miss Watson and Craig met when they appeared together for an advertising campaign for Burberry.

Miss Watson will attend the worldwide premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I, the last but one in the series of Potter films, in London on November 11.

Normal life: The Harry Potter star settles into normal uni life with a bunch of girlfriends

The star: Emma with Craig for the Burberry ad

source :dailymail

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