Saturday, 25 September 2010

Performances from Music Core on September 25th


Today, on September 25th, another brand new weekly broadcast of MBC’s ‘Music Core’ aired to showcase K-pop’s great artists.

Unlike the usual young idol group members that fill in to host the show, today’s special MCs were quite different. The special MCs for today’s episode were none other than actors Shin Hyun Joon and Jung Jun Ho, who are also both MCs for MBC’s variety show, ‘Enjoy Today‘.

Excluding the grand performance of BoA, who began her follow-up promotions, other artists who attended the show to showcase their talents include: 2NE1, Son Dambi, SISTAR, F.T Island, TRAX, Secret, San E (feat. Min of miss A), An Jin Kyoung, V.O.S, Electro Boyz (feat. Hyorin of SISTAR), TOA (feat. Kim Kyung Rok of V.O.S), Hwanhee, Eru, JQT, Goofy, Sori, and Deevine.

Check out all the great performances from today’s Music Core below!

2NE1 – Clap Your Hands

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