Sunday, 26 September 2010

SCREW takes fan questions live on their streaming show


Japanese music site, “Music Japan Plus“, announced previously that they would have the visual-kei group DoremiDan on their streaming TV to answer questions on September 27th. Judging by the popularity of the responses, they’ve already announced an additional streaming program, this time featuring the group SCREW.

SCREW will run the same setup as DoremiDan and will stream themselves answering questions from their fans. Followers of SCREW can submit their questions to a thread on the Music Japan Plus site or can tweet the hashtag #SCREWTV to @musicJAPANplus to have their questions taken live. The site will take care of passing on the questions to the band, so fans should definitely use this opportunity to connect with the band!


September 8th @ 9PM (JST)

Streaming at:

In the meantime, check out a PV from the group below:

source : Tokyohive

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