Thursday, 23 September 2010

Such a Perfect Day for Susan Boyle after she is finally given permission to cover the Lou Reed classic



Perfect Day: Susan Boyle, seen here singing for Pope Benedict XVI last week, has been given permission to cover the Lou Reed classic for her new album

She was said to have been reduced to tears after she was denied permission to cover Lou Reed's Perfect Day on America's Got Talent.

But Susan Boyle has finally been granted permission to record the classic song and will appear on her second album.

Earlier this month, the Britain's Got Talent sensation was told that she couldn't sing the song on the US talent show.

Red tape: Lou Reed's people denied he turned SuBo's request down and it was just admin issues that got in the way

She allegedly left Los Angeles, where the show is filmed, in tears after she was denied permission to perform the song.

Initially it was believed that Reed himself turned her down with Simon Cowell wading in to the row on BBC radio 2.

He said: 'Two hours before she is going to perform it we get a phone call. Lou Reed will not allow her to sing Perfect Day ... [It] is so petty, so pathetic.'

But Reed's people denied that he had refused her permission and blamed it on red tape instead.

They said that due to a glitch, the song was not cleared for the American market in time for the show, something that had nothing to do with the former Velvet Underground member.

But everything has now worked out and Boyle will record a version of the song for her upcoming album.

Perfect Day will join Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah and Don't Dream It's Over by Crowded House on the album, which is due out on November 9.

It will also include some Christmas songs and a duet with Boyle's own YouTube discovery, Amber Stassi.

Boyle said: 'I wanted there to be a mix of songs that would flow with all our moods this holiday season.'

Christmas hit: Susan Boyle's new album The Gift, which will include Perfect Day, is out in November

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