Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Tokyo Girls’ Style release PV for their new single

Dance & vocal group, Tokyo Girls’ Style, has released the PV to their upcoming single ”Himawari to Hoshizuku” on their official YouTube. If you’re not familiar with the group, they are Avex’s new girl unit, and they have been dubbed by some as ”Sweets v.2″. The members are Ayano Konishi, Miyu Yamabe, Hitomi Arai, Yuri Nakae, and Mei Shyoji, all of whom are said to be aged around 12-years-old.

This will be the group’s fourth single this year since their debut in May. It will be released on 10/6 and will have five tracks, including one B-side, “Kitto Wasurenai“, which is an image song in the movie, “Kimi ga Odoru, Natsu”. Tracks three and four are instrumentals to the title track and B-side, respectively, while track five is titled, “TGS06 –NEW SONG Senkouongen-”. Whether that’s the actual name of the track, I’m not too sure.

The single will have three editions, with one being only obtainable by going to mu-mo’s shop event. The limited edition will include the PV of “Himawari to Hoshizuku”, a “making of” movie, one of six random jacket cards, and an invitation to the TGS Christmas Event. The normal version will include an eight page booklet and invitation to the TGS Christmas Event. The mu-mo shop edition will include a “Special movie” on the DVD (Title TBA) and one of six random jacket cards.

source: tokyohive

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