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X Factor 2010: It's tears, tears and more tears as Cher, Katie and Gamu go through to judges' houses



You're through! Cher Lloyd finds out she will be going through to judges' houses

It was an emotional episode of The X Factor tonight as the judges decided who they would be taking through as the final 32 acts on the show.

There were tears, tears and more tears as the hopefuls waited to find out if they had what it takes to go through to the final stage, or if they would be going home.

And while favourites Gamu Nhengu, Cher Lloyd, Katie Waissel, Aiden Grimshaw, Matt Cardle and Mary Byrne were all chosen to progress, it seemed as though it was the end of the road for favourite boys Liam Payne and Harry Style.

Shock: Gamu Nhengu and Katie Waissel couldn't hide their surprise as they were put through

However, Simon Cowell had a trick up his sleeve.

First up on the second boot camp episode was Madonna wannabe Katie, who sang Adele's Make You Feel My Love.

Before taking to the stage, Katie said: 'I love my job but it has always been such a huge goal of mine to be a star. Today I'm feeling super charged. It's terrifying but it's incredible.'

Here come the boys: Matt Cardle (left) and Carl Brown learn they are through

Us, really? Princes And Rogues are just one of the eight groups going through

And while Louis questioned whether the hairdresser receptionist was trying too hard, Nicole was impressed with her performance, adding: 'Everything is right there'.

Diva Fever were second up on the stage, performing a lively rendition of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance.

Duo Joseph and Craig had put face paint on to make themselves stand out from the crowd, but their performance received mixed reviews from the judges.

Tears: Annastasia Baker (left) and Rebecca Ferguson couldn't stop crying when they found out they had been successful

And they also faced competition from another X Factor favourite duo in the form of Twem, who said before going on stage: 'We love music, we are crazy about music. Every minute we sing.'

Twins Samir and Medhi - who have been nicknamed the Parisian Jedward - convinced Louis they have what it takes to go all the way, but left Simon entirely unconvinced.

Aiden Grimshaw, another of the early favourites on the programme, was helped by creative director Brian Friedman before his performance, who told him that he needed to relate more to the audience.

No luck: Liam Payne looked heartbroken when he thought he wasn't going through

But maybe... But then he found out he would make up one fifth of a newly-formed group

Before taking to the stage to perform David Grey's This Year's Love, Aiden said: 'I love the song I'm singing so I just want to go out there and sing it and enjoy it.

'I find it hard not to get sucked into it myself as I perform it.'

And following the performance, Nicole agreed with Brian that Aiden maybe was a bit too immersed in his song, explaining: 'I respect that he goes to that place and we go there with him. But it would be nice to sometimes see his eyes.'

Giving it her all: Katie sung Adele's Make You Feel My Love for the judges

Dream: Annastasia said being a singer was her lifelong dream

Girl group Husstle showcased their vocal and dancing talents with an energetic rendition of Walk This Way.

Before going on, the girls said: 'It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to be here. We've worked so hard and I feel we've got what it takes.'

Single mother Rebecca Ferguson, who struggled with her nerves during her first audition, hoped to wow the judges with her performance, and told the panel exactly why she thought she should be going through to the next stage of the competition.

She said: 'I think I should could continue on in the competition because I'm determiend and I think I would blossom on a show like this.'

Through: Quiet student Aiden Grimshaw made it through to the next round

And you: As did unusual singer Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho

Following the performance, Louis said: 'She's blossomed and she has changed', while Simon added: 'That is a recording voice'.

Italian Nicolo Festa, who moved to England from his home country just so he could compete on X Factor, pushed the boat out with his performance of David Bowie's Life On Mars, and dismissed rumours of his diva-like behaviour.

He said: 'This is like pure pressure. I'm not a demanding person, I don't know why everyone is stressing out about the diva thing because I'm just a normal person... kind of!'

The new SuBo: Not being able to dance didn't affect Mary, who is through

Double trouble: Twins Twen are also through to judges' houses

And his determination paid off, with Louis acknowledging his rock star status, and Simon adding: 'I kind of like the fact that he's a bit out there.'

Mary Byrne, a 50-year-old checkout worker who works in Tesco, was up next, but admitted she was worried about the effect her sore throat may have had on her performance.

She said: 'I've waited a long time to be given an opportunity like this. I had a sore throat last week and that's making it crackly.'

Trying to be confident: Single mother Rebecca Ferguson gave it her all

Impressive: As did Raquel Thomas, who had impressed the judges with her talent
But there was very little evidence of any 'crackling' and Mary, once again, impressed the judges with her performance.

Up next was Gamu Nhengu, who was quickly labelled a favourite following her first audition when she sang Walking On Sunshine.

Before taking to the stage, Gamu said: 'I've wanted to be a singetr since I was 10. It's the thing that I'm good at and it's the thing that I love. I'm doing it for me but if I could do something and support my mum, that would be amazing.'

Disappointment: Dermot O'Leary comforts one hopeful who didn't make it

New group: Rebecca Creighton (left) and Sophia Wardman are part of the newly-formed girl group

And her performance of Adele's Make You Feel My Love was so powerful that Louis was reduced to tears, while Nicole struggled to contain her emotions.

Talking to Dermot after coming off stage, Gamu said: 'I worked my little butt off on that stage but if they say no at least I'll know I gave it everything.'

Then came the judges' decision time, when they had to choose 24 acts out of 108 to go through to the judges' houses stage of the competition.

And all the contestants knew the pressure was on, with Gamu admitting: 'I've never seen so many good singers ever, and it's anybody's game.'

Waiting to hear their fate: All the hopefuls gather on the stage at Wembley Arena

Anxious: They couldn't hide their nerves as they waited for the judges' decision

First of all, the judges decided to cut anybody who was 'boring' from the competition before sorting out the rest of the hopefuls.

The judges also decided to move the age limit of the over-25s category after Nicole insisted there were a few potential hopefuls who should be included in the boys or girls categories rather than the over-25s.

All the hopefuls were then called to the stage, where they waited anxiously to hear the news.

United front: The newly-formed boy band take to the stage, delighted with their new formation

Girl power: And the newly-formed girl group also seem delighted with their second chance

When Simon told them the judges had raised the age limit from 25 to 28, adding: 'I think it's going to strengthen the competition.'

He then told them that they would be sending through eight acts to judges' houses instead of the usual six.

Each category then took to the stage to find out their fate.

The girls up were first, with Nicole saying the first girl through was Katie. Other contestants put through included Cher, Annastasia and Rebecca Ferguson.

But those who didn't make the cut included Chloe Victoria and Jo Beetlestone.
Stephen Hunter and Mary Byrne were among those put through for the over-28s category as well as Yuli Miguel and Storm Lee.

However, as their choices became more difficult, Nicole started to find things harder than ever, and told Simon and Louis: 'I know you guys aren't going to have me back because I'm a fricking mess - I suck at this!'

Next up were the groups, and eagle-eyed viewers might have noticed that there were only six groups that got put through. However, Simon explained this later.
Twem, The Reason, Princes And Rogues and Diva Fever all made it through to the judges' houses round.

And lastly were the boys, who were told that, among others, Aiden Grimshaw, Marlon McKenzie and Matt Cardle were through.

But it seemed as though it was the end of the road for other boys such as Liam Payne, Zain Malik, Niall Horan and Harry Styles, as well as girls Rebecca Creighton and Sophie Wardman.

It was time for Simon to reveal he had another trick up his sleeve, as nine of those hopefuls previously rejected were called back to the stage and told they would be given another chance - as newly-formed groups.

The judges were then told which acts they would be mentoring this year, with Dannii being told first that she would be in charge of the boys.

On the phone from her home in Australia, Dannii said: 'The boys, that's good. I'm very happy, I'm very happy with that!'

Cheryl was given arguably the most sought-after group when she was allocated the girls.

Which of them will make it? Some of the over-28s, including Mary Byrne and Stephen Hunter, relax during next weekend's judges' houses stage

Ab-tastic: Husstle show off their trim figures as they perform for Simon during judges' houses

In a property in Los Angeles, Cheryl exclaimed: 'Oh my God! I am so happy. Yes yes yes! I'm feeling slightly on the smug side. I'm going for a hat trick.'

Then it was Louis' turn, who couldn't hide his disappointment when he was given the over-28s.

He said: 'Oh god! The over-28's and me. The other judges are going to be smug and confident. I have to believe in these people and I am going to work very hard.'

Does she have the X Factor? Gamu gives it her all as she performs for Cheryl in judges' houses

Unique: What original song will Cher choose to sing for Cheryl?

Simon was last to find out his group, and couldn't believe it when he was told he would be looking after the groups.

Talking to the producer, he said: 'Thank you for repaying all of my hard work on the show this year. I can't believe it. Two words - stitch up!'

The final 32 acts will now be going through to the judges' houses category next weekend, when they will be cut to just 12 acts to go through to the live stages.

The X Factor is on next Saturday at 7.05pm and next Sunday at 7.45pm.

source: dailymail

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