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X Factor 2010: Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger take a chance on 'prostitute' Chloe, 19, despite her 'frustrating' audition


By Daily Mail Reporter

Bootcamp-bound: Chloe from Wakefield, was sent through to the next stage despite a disappointing audition

It wasn't looking good for Chloe Victoria, a self-proclaimed 'yummy mummy' from Wakefield.

Her audition started badly, she sang her second song out of tune and she even turned on the audience at one point.

But something about the 19-year-old made Simon Cowell and guest judge Nicole Scherzinger take a gamble and send her through to Bootcamp.

She took to the stage in a very raunchy outfit of skinny, frayed jeans and a cropped top that showed off her taut and tattooed stomach and told the judges that singing was her passion and she sang wherever and whenever she could.

She then said she was doing it for ' my daughter cos I wanna show her a life I never had and I just wanna blow you away'.

Chloe, who earlier this month was exposed in a newspaper sting as selling adult services under the name 'Candy' on an escort website, then launched into George Gershwin's Summertime.

Bad start: Chloe sings George Gershwin's Summertime but forgets the words

But after a couple of lines in which she forgot the words, Simon asks her to sing something else, and she starts to sing Underneath Your Clothes by Shakira, which sounded out of tune.

Louis said:'It's just not working. It’s just not working cos you’re totally unprepared for the audition.'

Nicole added: 'Chloe I don’t know if you’ve convinced me that you really care about this so much, that you really want it.'

To a chorus of boos from the audience, Chloe tried to blame her bad audition on breaking up with her long-term boyfriend and begged the judges to let her sing another song.

Please give me a chance: Chloe begs the judges to send her through to the next stage

She then turned on the booing crowd and said: 'Don't be tight, this is my life!'

Simon then surprised everyone when he told Chloe he actually liked her, and said: 'Chloe, this is the most frustrating audition I've ever sat in, in my life.

I've heard more rubbish from you in the last five minutes than I've ever heard and yet I think there's something there.'

Despite Louis shaking his head and voting 'no', Nicole also backed Chloe, sending her through to the next round.

Backstage she burst into tears and sobbed to host Dermot O'Learly that she was delighted but very embarrassed at the same time.

Embarrassed: Chloe sobs into the camera after making it through to bootcamp

Last night showed three days of auditions in Manchester with Nicole sitting in for Dannii Minogue and an ill Cheryl Cole.

Day one got off to a bad start and the judges failed to find a potential star, which prompted Nicole to call the northern city a 'freaky town'.

Louis added: 'Something's missing, what's missing?', to which Simon retorts: 'Star quality.'

But day two began with much more potential as 18-year-old Aiden from Blackpool took to the stage first and sang Gold Digger by Kanye West.

After his performance, Louis said: 'Aiden, you’re like a breath of fresh air, you’ve got your own kind of swagger. I think you're absolutely brilliant.'

Star quality: Aiden from Blackpool was given three yeses by the judges after he sang Kanye West's Gold Digger

Natural: The Huhas get through after impressing the judges with their 'fresh' sound

Nicole added: 'I love your voice, you have a lot of soul, you were in it, I was in it, the whole of Manchester was in it. I am definitely a fan.'

And Simon wasa full of praise as the panel sent Aiden through to bootcamp and said: 'Now that's what I call a pop star. You're one of the best we've found, certainly in Manchester and in your category.'

Next up were The Huhas, a three piece from Preston, who were sent through after singing Upside Down by Paloma Faith, which Simon said was a good song choice.

Louis said: 'There's something fresh about you, you're not over-rehearsed and very naturally put together.'

Simon added: 'One of the easiest yeses I've given today.'

Pussycat praise: Nicole told Ade that she was 'feeling it' after he sang Never Too Much by Luther Vandross

Different: 17-year-old John Wilding blew the judges away when he sang Run by Snow Patrol

Others that breezed through the auditions included student Ade Bhadmus, 20, who won a fan in Nicole when he sang Luther Vandross's Never Too Much, and 17-year John Wilding, who blew the judges away when he sang Run by Snow Patrol.

It was also a successful night for Yuli Minguel, 32, who got Nicole up out of her seat and dancing when she sang Falling In Love.

She told the hopeful afterwards: There’s something about you, it gives me goosebumps. You have The X Factor girl.'

Goosebumps: Yuli had Nicole up out of her seat and dancing to her audition

Emotional: Rebecca from Liverpool broke down during her audition but was sent through to bootcamp

Louis added: 'Loved your sound, loved you spirit, your voice and loved the fact you owned the whole stage.'

And also sent through was 23-year-old Liverpudlian Rebecca, who, despite getting very emotional during her performance of Sam Cooke's A Change Is Gonna Come, was given three yeses.

Simon said: 'Potentially you have an incredible voice. Absolutely on the money right now. And I like you.'

Also off to bootcamp after tonight was duo Connor & Gabriel who sang Marvin Gaye's Heard It Through The Grapevine and PE teacher John Connolly, 33, who was accompanied to the audition by hs school's cheerleading squad.

Congratulations, sir! John Connolly is hugged by his school's cheerlesding squad after he is sent through

But with every X Factor audition, there are also those that are sent packing, and contestants Hazel Jackson and Savannah Hammond became tonight's casualties.

Hazel, 69, from Cheshire sang Simply The Best by Tina Turner, which Louis said was 'very entertaining', with Nicole adding that she was courageous and gave her a yes, but was outvoted by Simon and Louis.

And Savannah, 18, a student who is a bell ringer in her spare time, sang a very badly out of tune Angels by Robbie Williams and was told to 'stick to the bell ringing'.

Simply not the best: 69-uear-old Hazel tried and failed to get through after her Tina Turner rendition

Stick to the bell ringing: Savannah had the judges in fits of laughter with her out of tune version of Robbie's Angels

source: dailymail

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