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2010 MISS WORLD Contestants present Trophies at LPGA women's open golf



24th October 2010
LPGA Women's Open Golf Final


Ten contestants attended the final of the LPGA SanyaOpen at the Yalong Bay Golf Course and had the honour of presenting the prestigious trophy to South African Lee-Anne Pace.

Contestants taking a well-earned break from their busy rehearsal schedule to attend this week’s Ladies golf tournament wereBahamas, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bolivia,Colombia, Ethiopia, France, Indonesia, Jamaica, Kazakhstan and Scotland. The lucky ten stepped onto the green to watch the final two holes before presenting the top three with their prizes and flowers.

The girls were thinking of their own contest as they stood in silent awe watching the top players battling it out to clinch the trophy. With less than six days to go until the Miss World 2010 Final, the parallels were evident to all.

“It’s all about the tension, you can feel it in the air,’ said Jamaica. “You get so excited as you see the end in sight, it’s an incredible feeling.”

As a golfer herself, Scotland was watching the technique of these top female players, hoping to learn a tip or two. “I’ve played golf at St Andrew’s and I enjoy the game so it’s a real dream to be standing inside the rope watching so close to these top players,’ She said.

As always, the contestants attracted quite a noisy reaction when they arrived on the golf course in their buggies, causing the stewards to quiet the crowds and ask for everyone to calm down and let play continue. These girls are getting used to the attention after nearly a month in China!

After the award ceremony, the girls returned home to the Crowne Plaza Sanya where they enjoyed a leisurely dinner expertly prepared by the hotel chef and then a rare night off. A perfect night to sit on their balconies and chat with new friends.

source: Missworld


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