Saturday, 30 October 2010

AKB48’s “Beginner” is the No.1 single of 2010 (so far)


Previously, we reported that AKB48’s latest single “Beginner,” sold more than 560,000 copies on the first day of its release. Now, three days into the release of the single (at the time of this writing), total sales are at 740,000 copies and climbing!

Before AKB48 came onto the scene though, the No.1 single of 2010 was Arashi’s “Troublemaker,” which was released in March, and sold almost 700,000 copies. AKB48’s “Beginner” has now surpassed the record, and took the spot of the No.1 single of the year (at this point). Amazingly, this record was made in only three days, since it was released.

Let’s see if they can keep “Beginner” as the top single of 2010, and if they can reach 1 million total sales!

source: tokyohive

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