Sunday, 17 October 2010

Ancient Myth releases first full album


Symphonic metal group Ancient Myth released their first full album in Japan earlier this week.

The album is called “Astrolabe in Your Heart” and includes 10 tracks of gothic-infused “metal”.

1. Culmination
2. Astrolabe In Your Heart
3. 遠望のアシェン・ライト
4. ラズベリルに輝く瞳
5. Mortal Heaven
6. ヴァルプルギスの揺籠
7. Canis
8. Elemental Desire
10. unlaced:emergence

Preview the songs here!

Ancient Myth has been around for 10 years, producing mini-albums and singles here and there, but this is the group’s first full album. A self-proclaimed “heavy metal band”, the 5-member group mixes their classical training with “gothic metal” influences and a symphonic keyboard (manned by member 紗蝶, pronounced “Syacho”).

source : tokyohive

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