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Best of enemies: Cher Lloyd and Katie Waissel play nice for the cameras despite backstage rivalry




Playing nice for the camera: Cher Lloyd and Katie Waissel share a hug backstage after Saturday night's X Factor show

The rivalry between Cher Lloyd and Katie Waissel may be intensifying behind closed doors, but they sure know how to play nice for the cameras.

The X Factor hopefuls, who are both in Cheryl Cole's category, hugged for photographers after Saturday night's show.

But it seems things aren't quite so pleasant away from the spotlight.

Rivalry: The X Factor contestants Katie (left) and Cher Lloyd are apparently finding it difficult to get along

The pair, who each have their eyes firmly set on the X Factor crown, are said to be bickering with each other and causing friction with other contestants on the show.
Katie's mother has even admitted there is tension mounting between Katie and Cher, 17, which has really taken its toll on her 24-year-old daughter.

In an interview with this week's Heat magazine, out now, Diana explained: 'Katie’s not confrontational. She’s very diplomatic - if she was in a situation, she would walk away. She’s all about karma. She doesn’t like bad karma.

United front: The pair sang together in the group performance on Sunday night's results show

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'But you’re talking about two different people: one’s 24 and one’s 17. I think you learn how to handle things in life the older you get.'

'Katie likes her time alone. She’ll be quite happy to go into her bedroom and shut the door – it gives her inspiration to write her music when she’s like that.'

X Factor sources say Cher's hard-hearted determination to win is alienating her from her fellow contestants.

One told Heat: 'Cher's determined to win it, no matter what. It seems she's deliberately put a wedge between herself and the others. She's not there to make friends.'

'Cher is very much the type to want to be the prettiest and most talented wherever she goes. She started wearing quite a lot of make-up and making her hair big because she got attention. It makes her feel...that no one can mess with her.'

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And Cher's ex boyfriend has admitted that Cher and Katie are at loggerheads.
Alex Wallis, who she split from just after Boot Camp, told Heat: 'Katie, she says, is a bit hit and miss and can be two different people, a bit 50/50.'

This week, Katie has been accused of leaking a story about her and X Factor favourite Matt Cardle getting together to the newspapers in a bid to get more viewers to like her.

It has since transpired that the pair did share a bed - but only while they watched a DVD together.

Matt is said to have accused Katie of leaking reports to the papers that they were having a secret affair, and has told her to 'stop making stuff up'.

'I've just come out of a relationship and I'm not about to get into another one right now,' he is reported to have said. 'Especially not with you. You're not my type.'

But Katie's mentor Cheryl Cole was quick to come forward to defend the singer, insisting she would never have leaked a story about herself in an attempt to increase her popularity.

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She said: 'She wouldn’t do that. She is such a sweetheart and I think that’s beginning to show. I love our catch-ups in the dressing room.’

Matt isn't the only one to be at the centre of romance rumours, as Cher was previously reported to have struck up a close friendship with One Direction singer Liam Payne.

However, Liam's mother has now come forward to deny the rumours, insisting the teenagers are 'just friends'.

She told New! magazine, available to buy now: 'There’s nothing in it. Liam has a connection with Cher because she’s a similar age and they’re from a similar part of the country.

'And he gave her a hug when she got through at Boot Camp, which was on film. It got blown out of proportion.'

Cher has also been at the centre of controversy surrounding the X Factor, with many criticising her 'diva-like behaviour'.

While Cher admitted she had thrown a tantrum over a stage outfit last week, it seems her attitude is causing some problems among her fellow contestants.

source :dailymail

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