Friday, 22 October 2010

BRIGHT releases 3rd album, “IN HARMONY”


Chrous group, BRIGHT has just released their third full-length studio album, “IN HARMONY”!

BRIGHT initially started off with 3 members - Nagi (20), Mi-Mi (20), and MEG (19), who were known as “ko-spellers” (short for ‘child chorus group’). The three childhood friends decided to form a group together in 2001, and officially named their band “BRIGHT” after NANAKA (18) joined as the 4th member in 2003. They debuted in April 25, 2007 on Avex’s indie label, Rythem Republic, before going major on the label’s sub-label, Rythem Zone, in January 16, 2008.

“IN HARMONY”’s CD will come with a DVD and is therefore priced at 2,415 ¥ (approximately $30 USD). The album includes all their latest singles, including their digital single, “FLOWER”. The charming arrangements for “Flower” have made it a popular selection as a theme song: once for BeeTv’s cellular movie “Kiss x KISS x Kiss”, and again for Fuji TV’s “Koisuru TV sugokyun”

Check out the PV for “Flower” below!

<’IN HARMONY‘ tracklist>

1. Xiao Yin
2. Ano hi no ame
3. Flower
4. Baby Sweet
5. Shining Star (SHiDAX CM image song)
6. Kirai… demo suki ~aisiteru~
7. Brightest Star ~A capella versio~
8. I’ll Be There ~Symphony orchestra Session~
9. Curtain Call ~I’ll Be There~

1. Flower PV
2. BRIGHT 4th Live ~Real~ 2010.3.27 at Namba Hatch (live video)
- Opening ~Dance With Us~
- Kirai… demo suki ~aisiteru~
- Secret
- Promise You
3. Flower (Making of video)

The ‘first press’ DVD includes the group’s recording sessions in Beijing titled, “BRIGHT in Bejing”.

source : tokyohive [endtext]

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