Monday, 25 October 2010

Daddy's girl: David Arquette takes daughter Coco pumpkin picking



Day Out: David Arquette at the pumpkin patch with his daughter Coco

Daddy's little girls look very happy to be taken to the celebrity-popular Mr Bones Pumpkin Patch.

David Arquette and Gabriel Aubry were the latest stars to take their children to the Halloween park for a fun day out.

Arquette, 39, took six-year-old daughter Coco to the attraction, not letting his recent separation from Friends star Courtney Cox get in the way of him having some family fun.

Grrr: Coco (right) got a wild cat face paint, seeming happy despite the recent separation of her mother Courtnet Cox and father David Arquette (left)

Flying: Gabriel Aubry lifts Halle Berry's daughter Nahla up in the air

Aubry's daughter Nahla must really enjoy the pumpkin patch as her mother Halle Berry had taken her to the pumpkin patch earlier in the week, where she got her face painted.

The male model, 34, was seen lifting two-year-old Nahla into the air with one arm, looking to be having a great time.

Other celebs to have visited the park include Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg, Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross and English rose Kate Beckinsale.

It seems the A listers can't get enough of the Beverly Hills attraction.

Beckinsale, 37, looked beautiful as ever as she shopped for the best Halloween pumpkin, showing she's down to earth by pushing around a wheelbarrow of chosen pumpkins herself.

English Rose: Kate Beckinsale doesn't mind some heavy labour to get the right pumpkins for what looks like quite a Halloween party

Black: Marcia Cross looks half way towards a witch costume in all black as she visits the patch

Looks like she's having quite the Halloween party - is she going to do all the carving herself too?

The actress wore a comfortable looking grey and black patterned poncho as she her husband Len Wiseman walked around with their her daughter Lily Mo Sheen and some of her friends.

Cross, 48, looked a bit more Hollywood as she browsed for pumpkins with twin daughters Eden and Savannah wearing shades, not spotted getting her hands dirty like Beckinsale.

Dressed in all black though, she looked like the perfect Halloween witch, whether she meant to or not.

Forget the trendy New York night clubs, it seems these days the pumpkin patch is the best place to spot a star.

Spotted: Mark Wahlberg with his family at the Pumpkin Patch

source: dailymail


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