Sunday, 17 October 2010

Get a room! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt share kisses and cuddles on the set of her new film



Smooch: Angelina Jolie shares a kiss with Brad Pitt on the set of her new movie in Budapest Hungary earlier today

At home, they are kept pretty busy looking after their big brood of children.

So perhaps it's no surprise that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt grabbed several chances to get up close and personal on the set of her new movie in Hungary.

The couple, both dressed in casual outfits, wrapped their arms around each other as they shared kisses and hugs in Budapest earlier today.

Up close: Jolie smiled as she hugged Brad who was visiting her on set

Pitt, 46, is in the Hungarian capital to help take care of the children while Jolie directs the dramatic film - described as a Bosnian War love story.

The couple also had some cause for celebration with the news that Jolie can now shoot some of her film in Bosnia-Herzegovina after authorities banned her.

'We were promised by the Ministry of Culture that the permit will be issued on Monday,' Edin Sarkic, director of the Bosnian production company working on the project, told ABC News.

'It was supposed to be done on Friday, but now it is sure to happen on Monday.'

Low key love: Pitt and Jolie both wore casual outfits, with the actress sporting a padded brown coat and black leather boots

Bosnian authorities had withdrawn permission following an outcry from politicians and women's groups in the country over details of the plot.

The movie is said to be about a Bosnian Muslim woman who falls for the Serbian soldier who rapes her during the bitter Balkans war.

Bosnia's Federal Ministry of Culture had announced the ban last Wednesday after the country's leading women's group - Women: War Victims - launched a formal protest.

Cheerful: Jolie looked happier after the news that her film should now be granted a licence to film in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Jolie, 35, has tried to appease those in the region who expressed concern about the film's subject matter.

'Obviously any dramatic interpretation will always fail those who have had a real experience. This is not a documentary," she said in a statement.

'There are many twists in the plot that address the sensitive nature of the relationship between the main characters and that will be revealed once the film is released.

'My hope is that people will hold judgement until they have seen the film.'

Thumbs up: Jolie looks animated as she chats to a cast member on the movie set

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