Friday, 22 October 2010

The incredible B-arkour dog: Tre T reveals no cat is safe with amazing freerunning skills



Tre T the Ukrainian freerunning dog, who has become an Internet sensation, scales a wall here

Meet Tre T, the free-running dog. With his breath-taking mastery of Parkour, he takes walkies to a whole new level.

The death-defying pooch, who lives in Ukraine, is shown here running and jumping on walls, climbing trees, scaling ladders, fences and huts.

Tre T jumps from object to object with guile and grace, without a paws for thought. Any cats in the area had better beware: there's no way of escaping from this dog.
Scoll down for the amazing video of Tre T

The amazing pooch climbs up trees, over walls and fences - and never stops wagging his tail

The five-year-old jumps from object to object with guile and grace, without a paws for thought

The five-year-old American Staffordshire Terrior has become an Internet sensation with his skills.

You'll struggle to keep this guy in the doghouse as he loves mastering the outdoors - and his waggy tail shows that.

It's not suprising that Tre T, who weighs 33kg, has managed to attract nearly 200,000 hits on YouTube with his freerunning talents.

The dog's skills have attracted nearly 200,000 hits on YouTube and any cats watching will be petrified of Tre T - hiding up a tree will not help them escape him

Parkour, or freerunning, originated in France and has become popular in the last decade.

It is a philosophy which includes the physical practice of traversing objects in both urban and rural settings.

The goal is to move from one point to another as quickly and efficiently as possible.
And this doggy has shown that he can learn new tricks. Click on his video below.

Parkour has become popular in the last decade, and has featured in films, music videos and photography exhibitions

The death-defying stunts make it exhilarating to watch - and Parkour provides an amazing adrenaline rush to those who do it

source :dailymail

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