Thursday, 21 October 2010

MAIKA releases “Kokoro” single, holds special event and mini-live


20-year-old newcomer, MAIKA, who just debuted this past April with “never cry“, held a special event and mini-live on the 20th of October for her third single, “Kokoro“, the theme song to the movie, “Raiou,” which is out in theatres on the 22nd.

MAIKA, who read the script for the movie, said that she was impressed by the hero and the coming together of the two characters, and had them in mind when writing the lyrics to “Kokoro“. During the special event, she sang four songs in front of 500 happy fans.

“Kokoro“, a ballad, is quite different from the rock flavoured singles she had previously released.

Check out her live performance on “Happy Music” below.

source :tokyohive

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