Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Not a bad romance! Lady Gaga dons a bizarre gold bikini on steamy getaway with boyfriend




Mad about the boy: Lady Gaga and boyfriend Luc Carl allegedly took part in a commitment ceremony in Crete earlier this month

It looks like Lady Gaga is on the way to being made into an honest woman by boyfriend Luc Carl.

The superstar and club promoter Carl took a holiday on the Greek island of Crete earlier this month.

And according to reports, the couple allegedly took part in a commitment ceremony while they were there.
Gaga, 24, and Carl exchanged handwritten vows during the secret ceremony, and also exchanged rings.

A source told Britain’s Grazia magazine, 'They exchanged rings in a spiritual service and drank shots before sitting down to a lovely private dinner at a tiny restaurant.

'They wanted to show that they are committed to each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together.

And according to the source, Gaga is determined to have a real family-themed wedding later on with all her friends and family.

'They are still planning to marry, but that will come later when she has the time to plan a big Italian-style wedding.'

Gaga (real name Stefani Germanotti) and Carl were seen lounging on the beach at the exclusive Blue Palace resort during their visit.

And it was clear Gaga could barely keep her hands off her 29-year-old boyfriend, lying on top of him to have their picture taken.

The Just Dance singer was dressed in a typically eccentric gold Princess Leia-type bikini, and kept a scarf over her blonde hair.

Gaga is currently touring Europe and recording an album at the same time.

Working girl: Gaga is busy recording her new album while on tour in Europe

And instead of being overwhelmed by all the work, she says she is inspired by being on tour.

She says: 'I’ve spent time this week in the studio in Norway.

People say "why don’t you wait till the tour is over to finish your album?", and I say "firstly cos my fans aren’t going to wait that long."

'Secondly because I get so much inspiration every night when I’m here with you. Then after the show I drink a bottle of Jamesons (whiskey) and I get s*** wasted.
'I drink a lot and I tell the truth about myself!'

One fan who would love to work with the Paparazzi star is Will Smith's daughter Willow, who just released her debut single Whip My Hair.

She says: '[Somebody] I would really want to work with on a song would be Lady Gaga. She is amazing! She’s just so amazing, she’s a free person. She’s a free girl, baby.'

Call a stylist! Gaga wears her edgy outfits even while writing and recording

source :dailymail

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