Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Oh dear! X Factor's Cher Lloyd plasters her make-up on... with a trowel



Faux pas: X Factor's Cher Lloyd out in London yesterday, sporting a rather unfortunate plastering of orange foundation

For a tender 17-year-old, Cher Lloyd is certainly something of a talent.
However it would appear the X Factor star's make-up application skills are not quite a match for her singing.

The luminous singer was spotted out in London yesterday, with her face caked in orange foundation, making for a rather unflattering look.

Her hair was pulled back into a tight bun, only serving to highlight the difference in skin tone between her face and the skin beyond her hairline.

Perhaps the budding popstar could do with borrowing her mentor Cheryl Cole's make-up artist for a few handy hints.

However, despite her orange look, Cher has been given a huge boost in the street cred stakes by coming in at number 66 in NME magazine's prestigious Cool List.

On trend: The 17-year-old wore patterned cargo pants, a leather jacket and black boots, and has entered NME's Cool List at No 66

And the news is likely to anger Muse fans, as the 17-year-old singer was named as cooler than the group's frontman Matt Bellamy and Soulja Boy.

Explaining the decision, NME's Jaimie Hodgson said: 'Watching her "do her thang" in front of monsieurs Walsh and Cowell's dropped jaws genuinely felt a bit subversive and special.'

However, despite earning a place on the list, Cher still has a way to go before she gets into the exclusive top 50, with Jay-Z, Lady Gaga and Kanye West all placing ahead of her and Laura Marling coming in top.

Cher has divided X Factor fans, with some insisting she is relevant and a surefire musical hit, with others arguing she is a diva and not good enough for the talent competition.

Swarmed: Cher had to use security guards to get through the crowds at the X Factor rehearsal studios

And it's not gone too smoothly with Cher and her mentor Cheryl, who is something of an icon to the teenager.

Cher recently admitted she had a 'tantrum' over a stage outfit which was chosen for her to wear, and the pair's different fashion tastes are starting to cause problems.

Pop singer Sinitta, who acted as Simon's aide during the judges' houses section of the competition, said: 'Cheryl’s had problems with Cher, with her style and that, but I think it’s normal for a girl that age.

Chaos: One Direction bandmember Harry Styles, 16, is mobbed by teenage fans as he leaves rehearsals

Overwhelmed: Harry rushes through the screaming girls as they grab hold of his clothing

'She’s temperamental, but I wouldn’t say she’s a diva. We’ve all tried to really understand and level with her.

'She’s not a girly girl. She wants to look pretty but she wants to look hip-hop pretty. But we have a showbiz saying, "The show must go on."

'If you don’t like your shoes or whatever, you grin and bear it. You do the show and get off stage and you deal with it then.'

Out and about: Favourites Matt Cardle and Aiden Grimshaw were also seen

Getting ready for Saturday: Divas Rebecca Ferguson (left) and Mary Byrne looked happy at the end of the day

Wearing a pair of patterned cargo pants, a leather jacket, flowered scarf and a Paul's Boutique handbag, Cher was photographed arriving at the studios to rehearse for the X Factor live shows this weekend.

And previously evicted contestant Storm Lee, whose rock star image failed to win over the judges, said he thinks both Cher and rumoured foe Katie Waissel are just in the competition to become celebrities.

He told the new issue of Reveal magazine: 'I feel Katie and Cher are there just to be famous, not to become singers - and I wish I hadn’t spent so much time with Katie.

Gal pals: Belle Amie singers Sophia Wardman (right) and Rebecca Creighton looked casual but cool in their outfits

Meeting the fans: The girls posed with a group of fans before heading inside

'Living in a house with 20-odd people is hard enough – but when you’re competing to win a show, tensions rise. Every one of us has a big ego and they’re lying if they tell you otherwise.'

This weekend, the contestants will be singing songs along the theme of Halloween, which falls on Sunday.

Simon cheekily revealed on The Xtra Factor on Saturday night: 'It's a Halloween theme next week. So we chose this category especially for Cheryl.'

source: dailymail

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