Sunday, 24 October 2010

Raina performs “Because of You” on “Quiz That Changes the World”


After School’s Raina recently performed Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of You” during her appearance on MBC’s “Quiz That Changes the World” on October 23rd.

Raina announced that she prepared a special autumn performance for the show’s panelists, and began singing “Because of You” while playing the piano.

Although everyone watched on with entranced gazes, Raina was unable to endure the burning gaze of MC Kim Gura and burst into laughter midway through her performance.

When everyone began commenting on Kim Gura’s face expression (“I couldn’t see her performance because of Kim Gura’s chin“), Kim Gura retorted by saying, “I was just testing her. Singers shouldn’t be so conscious of their surroundings.”

Jo Hyung Ki complimented Raina with teary eyes, “Her song was very sweet with meaningful lyrics.”

source: allkpop

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