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'Cher reminds me of me, completely': Cheryl Cole reveals her true feelings about the X Factor girls



Red hot: Cheryl Cole arrived at the Radio 1 studios in London this morning for an interview with Sara Cox

Cher, Katie and the girls enjoy a late-night shopping spree at Topshop

She has been constantly compared to her mentor Cheryl Cole since her very first audition on The X Factor.

And now Cheryl has revealed she can 'completely' see a likeness between herself and 17-year-old Cher Lloyd, who is currently causing a storm on the ITV show.

Cheryl made the admission during an interview with Sara Cox on Radio 1 this morning, where she also spoke about her hopes for her other contestants, including Katie Waissel and Rebecca Ferguson.

Sleek: Cheryl wore tight khaki jeans, a black top and black leather jacket
After successfully navigating herself through the hordes of fans outside the Radio 1 building, Cheryl made her way inside, looking stunning in a pair of khaki skinny jeans, black lace top and a black leather jacket.

Talking to Sara, who is standing in for Chris Moyles on the show, Cheryl said she has definitely noticed a resemblance between herself and the teenager.

She said: 'She reminds me of a young me completely. Even the type of music she listens to, how she performs.

Fan-friendly: Cheryl signed autographs for eager fans as she arrived at the Radio Two studios later this morning

Taking a hike: Cheryl makes an escape from the back of the studios

'Even the way she performs - you know, when you forget the camera is there and pull faces, she's doing that at the moment.

Mini me: Cheryl said Cher reminds her of herself 'completely'

'People just need to get used to the performance.'
And Cheryl also spoke about rumours Cher has been causing issues with her attitude in recent weeks, insisting there has been no trouble with the singer.
She said: 'I think she is 17, she's got that teenage edge going on. She is different. And I get her completely.

'All the girls are great girls, honestly. I have to work with them as well - I wouldn't put them through if I didn't think I could.'

Referring to a report Cher had thrown a 'tantrum' over an outfit which had been picked out for her for last weekend's live performance, Cheryl said: 'I like to hear their opinions.

'I'm not going to say, "That's what you're wearing, that's what you're doing".
'But there's no stropping going on, I wouldn't be able to handle that.'
From the clothes to the way she holds herself, there are undeniable likenesses between Cher and Cheryl.

And another thing the pair have both been criticised for is their weight.
But Cheryl said people concerned about 'frail' size-six Cher shouldn't be worried, as the teenager doesn't stop eating.

She said: 'Whenever I see Cher she has a chocolate bar in her mouth - I actually don't know where it goes.

'She is very very petite naturally, she's a tiny little thing. She hasn't grown into a woman yet.'

Another of Cheryl's girls who has been causing controversy recently is Katie Waissel, who was put through despite not being able to complete her audition at the judges' houses stage of the show.

But Cheryl did admit that Katie, 24, isn't coming across too well to viewers.
She said: 'You know what it is for me with Katie, she comes into my room and we'll just be chatting and she's like relaxed and she's comfortable.

Shopping trip: Katie Waissel (l) and Rebecca Ferguson joined fellow contestants on a retail therapy trip in Topshop on Oxford Street last night

'And then you put it in a front of a camera and she's a bit more mechanical and that's something I need to work on her with - being at ease in front of the cameras, saying what she thinks she should instead of what she wants to say.'

However, Cheryl did praise Katie for being able to get up on stage and sing on the first live show of The X Factor despite countless negative reports about her.

She said: 'Can you imagine? Just put yourself in her position. I don't think I could have got on the stage with the scrutiny and whatever. And she can really sing.'

Belle Amie: Sophie Wardman (l) and Esther Campbell stocked up on this season's trendiest clothes

Colourful: Cheryl's wild card Treyc Cohen (l) wore a bright leopard-print top, while Sophia wore a cool pair of Statue of Liberty tights

And referring to one of her other contestants, Rebecca Ferguson, Cheryl added: 'She is somebody everybody can see she is growing every week - she is blossoming.'

As well as who is wearing what on the live shows, viewers tune in to see the on-screen banter between Cheryl and fellow judge Simon Cowell.

Speaking about their 'rivalry', Cheryl admitted: 'He knows which buttons to press with me!'

Good samaritan: Rebecca digs some change out for a homeless man

Friendly: The singer also stopped for a brief chat with the man outside rehearsals

One of the most controversial comments Simon made was when he said Cheryl was looking 'less orange' this weekend, after her slightly over-tanned appearance on the first live final show.

Cheryl said: 'I thought, "Oh don't start with me on live TV". Less orange, huh? I don't know what that's about.

'And I'm not being funny, he can't tell me about looking orange - out of everyone on the panel.'

Heading home: Laden with shopping bags after their trip, the girls head home

But Cheryl says she sometimes regrets the things she says in retaliation, and admits she should think more about what she says before she says it.

She laughed: 'I can't help myself. Sometimes when I'm going out and I do think maybe I should bite my tongue but I can't help myself, especially when I've got four people to defend.'

This week the contestants will be performing tracks which come under the Guilty Pleasures category, and Cheryl says she is 'really happy' with the song choices.

Bickering: Cheryl said Simon Cowell knows 'which buttons to press' to wind her up

source: dailymail

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