Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Revealed: Katy Perry gets an Indian bridal nose ring ahead of wedding


Embracing tradition: Katy Perry wears a nath - an Indian bridal nose ring - as she arrives at Jaipur airport today

She may be a California Gurl, but Katy Perry is fully embracing Indian tradition as she prepares to marry Russell Brand on Saturday.

The American singer was spotted sporting an Indian bridal nose ring - otherwise known as a nath - as she arrived at Jaipur airport today.

The nath comprises of a gold chain attached to a nose ring which is hooked across the bride's right cheek and pinned to her hair above the ear.

Give us a smile: Perry, with fiance Russell Brand, was wearing the nath as she left Heathrow last night, meaning she had the piercing in London

Tradition dictates the bride's will wear the nath throughout the wedding day, with the bridegroom removing it on the wedding night as a symbol of the woman's virginity ending.
After transferring from Jaipur at Mumbai's international airport, the unusually shy pop star attempted to hide her new face adornment under her coat.

Rather than have the piercing in India, she chose to have it done in London instead, where she has been staying with her future husband since jetting in from LA last week.

And while Russell wheeled their luggage through Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport before boarding their 90 minute flight to Jaipur, Katy's attempts to keep a low profile only made her stand out even more.

However she had shed her coat by the time the couple arrived at India's Jaipur Airport, where they were picked up in a Mercedes.

The singer appeared to be similarly camera shy when they set off from Heathrow Airport last night.

Here comes the bride: Katy tried to hide her nath under her coat as the couple transferred at Mumbai for an internal flight to Jaipur

Although Katy - dressed in black trousers and matching boots - kept her coat on at Heathrow, she still tried her best to maintain a low profile.

Meanwhile Russell - wearing a brown leather coat and big sunglasses - looked uncharacteristically serious.

source : dailymail [endtext]

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