Wednesday, 20 October 2010

SNSD criticized for lip syncing during Taiwanese concert


With SNSD busily promoting in both Korea and Japan, their recent performance in Taiwan has been put on the chopping block of a Taiwanese entertainment broadcast for lip syncing.

CTi News (中天新聞台) from Taiwan reported, “On October 17th, SNSD held their second overseas concert in Taiwan and filled the concert hall with thousands of fans. The excitement was amazing.”

However, the channel went on to report, “Unfortunately, when the cameras would get a close up on the members’ faces as they were performing one of their hit tracks, the music would continue without the members even putting the mics against their faces.”

The host had already asked for understanding in advance, reasoning that it was difficult for celebrities to dance and sing at the same time.

Representatives of SM Entertainment also expressed their disappointment with SNSD being swept in controversy for lip syncing at their Taiwanese concert.

SME stated in a call with Newsen on October 20th, “They sang over 30 songs at the concert and the overall completion level of the concert was extremely high. The audience enjoyed the concert immensely, and so we’re very disappointed in having such a controversy come about.”

Although some Taiwanese supported the girls by leaving comments such as, “It does not seem like they were lip syncing,” others commented, “It’s such a waste of money. Why would you attend the concert then? Might as well just listen to the CD.”

SNSD’s Taiwanese concert managed to garner 24,000 fans, the best record any foreign female artist has achieved thus far.

source : allkpop

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