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These are a few of my favourite things... X Factor's Katie Waissel steps out in 'Alcohol, Caffeine, Nicotine' printed T-shirt



Making a statement: Katie Waissel wore a T-shirt with the slogan 'Alcohol, Caffeine, Nicotine' as she arrived at the X Factor rehearsals today

She's already caused her fair share of controversy since she was chosen to go through to the live finals of The X Factor.

And it seems Katie Waissel has no intention of fading into the background, as she showed when she arrived at rehearsals today wearing a Urban Outfitters T-shirt bearing the slogan 'Alcohol, Caffeine, Nicotine'.

The 24-year-old singer teamed her top with a green knitted cardigan, jeans and a variety of accessories as she stepped out in London.

Katie is already making a name for herself as one of the quirkiest dressers on the X Factor, and judging by this outfit, it's not hard to see why.

Print: Katie wore a T-shirt from Urban Outfitters

But she is facing some stiff competition from one of her rivals in the girls category, in the form of 17-year-old Cher Lloyd.

And now the competition has stepped up a notch after both girls arrived at rehearsals with incredibly similar beehives hairstyles.

Cher was the first to adopt the popular 'do, and has been spotted in the style several times.

Of course, the 'fifties housewife' bun tied with a scarf has been spotted on celebrities such as Amy Winehouse and even the girls' mentor Cheryl Cole.

Both girls opted for stylish comfort for a day in the studios, with Cher wearing her favourite Adidas jacket, parachute trousers and heeled trainers with a £60 Paul's Boutique handbag.

A tanned Miss Waissel wore loose jeans, T-shirt, a green cardigan and a Louis Vuitton handbag with her customary pearls.

Despite her 'drama-queen' reputation, X Factor stylists say Katie has been fun to work with.

Diva style: X Factor contestants Cher Lloyd (left) and Katie Waissel sport copycat hairstyles. Both were stylish and casual with Cher in parachute pants, heeled trainers and chavvy Adidas jacket while Kaitie went for jeans, slogan T-shire and cardie

‘She’s got a strong look. She’s incredibly pretty,’ hair stylist Adam Reed told Grazia magazine this week. ‘But she’s not nearly as confident as she comes across. She’s like a young Gwen Stefani.’

Meanwhile fragile Cher admitted to diva behaviour before the first live show at the weekend over her own wardrobe.

'I had a bit of a meltdown earlier in the week. But I just couldn't go on stage in something I felt uncomfortable in,' she told X magazine.

She went onstage instead in her own clothes, and shoes lent to her by her mentor Cheryl Cole.

Girls vs boys: Some of Belle Amie, wearing on trend Shearling jackets, and boy band 1 Direction arrive at the studio

Wild cards: Paije Richardson, Treyc Cohen and duo Diva Fever looked subdued

‘She’s got that street edge,’ says X Factor make-up artist Liz Collins, ‘which is what people love about her. But that doesn’t mean you can’t refine it a bit. That hip hop look can be beautiful and stylish.’

Most of the young contestants on this year's series have been stepping up their appearance even during rehearsals.

Belle Amie were right on trend with Shearling jackets and peep-toe heeled boots.
Stylists Grace Woodward and Liz Collins says we won't be seeing the girl band in any matching outfits like the kind The Saturdays wear on stage.

‘Nothing matchy-matchy,’ Grace told the magazine, ‘these girls have actually got personalities. We’ve got to bring that out.’

Hopefuls: Storm Lee, Rebecca Ferguson and John Adeleye gear up for their second live performance

Adds Liz: ‘Most girl-bands are afraid of any make-up that isn’t a bit of pink frosting, but with Belle Ami we did blacks and purples for their entry shot. They’re not afraid to be fierce.’

Viewers will have noticed that boy band 1 Direction have toned down their Justin Bieber style hair - a deliberate move by the styling team, who say they were inspired by this year's Burberry London campaign.

‘We didn’t want that Justin Bieber/Hollyoaks hair, it’s a boy band cliché,’ says Adam.

Older generation: Mary Byrne and Wagner went casual to the rehearsal session

And we can expect some sleek and sexy looks from the other favourite contestants too, with Aiden Grimshaw and Matt Cardle apparently undergoing gradual transformations.

'Matt's sexy. We're going rough and rugged,' Grace - who counts Florence Welch and La Roux as clients - reveals. As for Aiden: 'I see him as a cross between Morrissey and Jim Morrison... I've thought to put him in leather pants and a shirt open to the waist. He doesn't know that yet.'

Read the full feature on the X Factor Glam Squad in this week's Grazia magazine, on sale now.

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