Monday, 25 October 2010

This weeks legwear looks part 2 "I want to know you, but I can't " by Yuki Ka: "Suede Shirt from Value Shop, Camera-ish Art Deco Earrings, Small Back Pack" "if they stop needing you I'll still need you, my dear" by Yuki Ka: "My Tail, Mustard Tights, Forever21 Little Black Shoes, Urbanoutfitters Round Glasses" "Statement Tights" by Chloe Marie Antoinete .: "Casio Watch, Primark Cardigan, H&M Sheer Blouse, H&M Bodycon "Safety pins holding up the things that make you mine" by Lucia Urbanic: "American Apparel Tri-blend Raglan Pullover, Thifted Quilted Bag, H&M Dotted Tights, Steve Madden Lace Up Boots" "nothing can last forever so we should learn to cherish" by Tamiko Chan: "Snidel Lace Up Boots, H&M Black Lace Tights" "net o net" by Marta Castellanos: "DIY Top, Cortefiel Cardi, Primark Fishnet Tights" "Witching hour" by Nico Antonelli: "Vintage Sweater, Vintage Betsey Johnson Velvet Skirt, Forever 21 Tights, Dolce Vita Shoes" "Grey & Black" by Heather Louise: "F&f Studded Shoes from Tesco, Lindex Tights, Cardigan from Primark, Vest Dress from Asos" "Waiting for Winter" by Bethany Bridges: "Lace Back Blazer, Flower Tights, Legwarmers, Boots"

Rikki's Ploka Dot Shirt from Value Village, Vintage Pencil Skirt from Value Village, Seamed Black Tights from Courage My Love, Bordello Pin Up Shoes from Hells Belles // "I am a blonde now" by Keight Mac Lean // "Ice" by Rae Marshall: "Head Thing, Silver Belt, Blue Dress Shirt from Wet Seal, Black Tights from Walmart" "Killing Me ((outofabook.blogspot))" by Bethany Struble: "Forever 21 Leather Skirt, Slouchy White Top, Studded Black Leather Belt, Leopard Print Wedges from DIY" "cam. chaos. wach my tights. " by Juliija Jan.: "Dress from H&M, Top from H&M, Tights from Zara" "Diamond dots" by Kristina Karlsson: "Dotted Dress from H&M, Black Tights from H&M"

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