Friday, 15 October 2010

This weeks lookbook legwear pics "Paranoid Android." by Alice André: "Beige and Black Tee Shirt from H&M, Black Bow from H&M, Black Skirts from H&M, Black Lace Tights from H&M" "studiousness." by Leah Huebner: "Black Lace Shirt from Thrifted, Tights from Thrifted, Brown Boots from Free-gifted, Blue Skirt from Thrifted" "Crumble" by Zoë Deluge: "Forever 21 Navy Dress from Pasadena Forever 21, Sears Black Tights from Gift, Brown Boots from Gift (american Vintage)" "disco tits" by Lohla Ramona: "Ripped Tights, Checkered Former Pants, Tricolor Pasta Hair, Vest" "Alabama, Arkansas, I do love my ma and pa" by Dom Elise: "Floral Dress, Floral Tights, Black Flats, Jesus Bracelets" "you dress like the prey in to catch a predator." by Hannah Leigh Ehman: "French Connection Poofy Dress, F21 Forever 21 Jean Motorcycle Vest, American Apparel Tights" "midnightshadow" by Bella Manon: "H&M T-shirt from Essen, H&M Tights from Duisburg, H&M Shoes from Duisburg" "breathe in, breathe out. " by Zelda Flisiuk: "Forever 21 Floral Tights" "fall weather = time for tights!" by Liz V.: "New York & Company Polka Dot Shirt from Secondhand, Houndstooth Skirt from Goodwill, Purple Tights from Wet Seal" "Breaking and Making Molds" by Vyktoria D: "Deena & Ozzy Laced Boots from Urban Outfitters, H&M Gold Beads, Chandler Designs Plaid Dress from Designed and Sewn by Me, H&M Opaque Tights" "Power Walker" by Vyktoria D: "Chandler Designs Blazer from Designed and Sewn by Me, Aldos Red Tights, Guess Heels, Target White V-neck" "everything is everything" by Phoebe E: "Vintage Black and White Tribal Print Tights, Old Marks and Spencer Oversize Acrylic and Cotton Mix Grey-black Jumper from London"

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