Saturday, 16 October 2010

Undomesticated Nigella Lawson: I hated food and can't iron


Not what she seems: Nigella Lawson admits that she can be 'incredibly slapdash'

TV cook Nigella Lawson has admitted she is not really a domestic goddess, is ‘quite slapdash’ at home and hated food as a child.

Her book title How To Be A Domestic Goddess was meant as a joke but it stuck, she told Cheltenham Literature Festival.

Nigella said: ‘A more accurate title would have been How To Feel Like A Domestic Goddess.

'I am incredibly slapdash. I can’t iron. I never brush my hair at the sides and back. I am bad at anything which a domestic goddess would want to be good at!’

When she was a child, meals were ‘uncomfortable’, she said.

‘If you didn’t eat your food it was kept in front of you until you did. It was one long power struggle.’

Glamorous: Despite her admission, Nigella always manages to look good for the cameras

source :dailymail

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