Friday, 29 October 2010

Visual kei band ViViD to make major debut


It’s been announced that visual kei band ViViD will make their major debut on January 19th, 2011, and their debut single is titled, “「Yume」~Mugen no Kanata e~.”

ViViD was formed in March 2009, and it’s only been a year and seven months since their formation, so their major debut is happening quite fast. They debuted as indie band in July 2009 with the single “Take-off”, and have been popular since. ViViD consists of five members: Shin (Vo.), Ryoga (Gt), Reno (Gt), Eve (Ba), and Ko-ki (Dr).

Check out their 4th single, “PRECIOUS“, which was released in July.

source : tokyohive

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