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What a scorcher! Katy Perry shoots flames from her chest in sparky new pop video - though Lady Gaga did it first



Bang on: Fireworks explode from Katy Perry's chest in her new music video for single Firework, which shows the singer standing on a balcony in Budapest with bangers shooting out of her bosom

Russell Brand has always thought new wife Katy Perry was a little firecracker - but the singer seems to have taken her groom's thoughts literally in her new video.

After an obsession with carefully-positioned cupcakes, Katie now appears to be shooting actual flames from her chest in the promo for new single Firework.

However, though it's not the first time a pop star has shot flames from her chest - Lady Gaga did it on stage at hte Much Music Awards in Canada a year last June.
Scroll down to watch the video for new single Firework.

Sparky lady: Lady Gaga did the 'fireworks from chest' stunt at the Much Music Awards in Canada in June 2009

But Katy has explained that her stunt was to symbolise the fighting spirit and 'life spark' latent in all human beings rather than simply for shock value.

Talking on her official website, the new bride explains: 'I think that in life, people are challenged to get to where they want to be and to reach their goals.

'Hopefully they can hear this song and find out that those challenges aren't really difficult to get past.'

Not to be re-fused: Perry dedicated the video to the It Gets Better movement against the bullying of gay teens because 'everyone has the spark to be a firework'

Chest amazing: Another fiery still from the video to Firework, which newly-wed Katy shot in Budapest, Hungary

Katy, 26, got together 250 'real life' inspirational young people 'that are buzzing and fizzing and have the potential to become fireworks' from eight different European countries to star in the video rather than use actors.

They all congregated in Budapest, Hungary, for the shoot.

Katy is seen getting emotional as all 250 youngsters assemble before her for the first time.

Going off: Some 250 young people from across Europe were picked by Perry because of their inspirational stories to star in the video shoot

She explains: 'With my story, it's been so many trials and tribulations to get to this place. It's amazing to hear people get through things in life and reach their goals.'

'Music can be so powerful and I think it can transform you and inspire you and heal you. We're basically making a formation of a firework, all the kids are being the sparks around me.'

'The whole vibe of the video shoot is a movement, an emotional experience.'

Emotional: The singer said that the song was her favourite from her current album Teenage Dream as it meant so much to her

The promo sees a plump girl who is refusing to join in with a pool party suddenly get her spark, strip off and jump in the pool, alongside a bald young child who appears to be a cancer patient and a shy gay man.

All end up shooting sparks from their chests too in the climax to a song and video which has more than a echo of the sentiments in Christina Aquilera's Beautiful.

The finale sees all 250 dancing together in one of the beautiful squares in the stunning city, with special-effects fireworks shooting from their bodies into the sky.

Mr and Mrs Brand: The pair jet out from Jaipur to their honeymoon in the Maldives, with Katy still wearing her nath nosering and henna tattoos earlier this week

The video chimes with the song's lyrics, which include: 'You've got to ignite the light and let it shine and own the night/'Cos baby you're a firework, come and show them what you're worth.'

The single, which Katy performed on the X Factor on 17 October, is the third to be taken from her album Teenage Dream. It was released on Monday and has already gone to Number Five on downloads alone.

Katy, who celebrated her birthday on Sunday, also wed comedian Brand in an elaborate ceremony on Saturday in Rajasthan, India.

They're currently enjoying their honeymoon in the Maldives.

source: dailymail

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