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X Factor 2010: Another triumph for Mary Byrne who gets standing ovation... but disaster for 'shaky' Aiden Grimshaw who labels his performance 'rubbish



Goosebumps: Mary Byrne delivered a strong rendition of a Dusty Springfield track, but while Aiden Grimshaw delivered a 'shaky' rendition of Jealous Guy

Supermarket checkout worker Mary Byrne was given a standing ovation by the live audience after belting out a powerful performance of Dusty Springfield's You Don't Have To Say You Love Me.

The 50-year-old Irish singer was moved to tears by the enthusiastic crowd, with judge Dannii Minogue finding her several attempts to speak were drowned out by the cheers.

When the audience eventually quietened down, the Australian said: 'Mary I know you were nervous about tonight’s performance and you absolutely don’t have to be nervous at all. That was priceless, it was so beautiful.'

Cheryl Cole also gave her high praise: 'You do something to me that I'm covered in goosebumps. I'm head to toe chills. I truly believe in your performance.'

But the big shock tonight was Aiden Grimshaw, who declared his rendition of John Lennon's Jealous Guy 'rubbish'.

After delivering an amazing performance of Mad World last week, it appeared the nerves got the better of the 18-year-old Blackpool student.

Emotional: The single mother, 50, grew teary-eyed after a roaring reception from the audience

While his mentor Dannii and Louis praised his performance, Cheryl and Simon Cowell said it was 'shaky'.

Cheryl said: 'You could be a really credible artist, tonight that performance was shaky for me.

'I’m not going to patronise you, I think you know that yourself. I think you have potential, I’d like to see you do something a little more versatile, just to see what you’ve got.'

Agreeing with Cheryl most of the evening, Simon reiterated her comments: 'There were too many times on that song where it went out of control. Last week you were on the money, nerves got the better of you, it ran away with you.'

Nerves get the better of Aiden: The 18-year-old appeared to buckle under the pressure and labelled this week's performance as 'rubbish'

Cheerleaders: Louis Walsh and Dannii Minogue disagreed with Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole's comments about Aiden's performance

After he was interrupted by Louis declaring Aiden's song was 'amazing', Simon insisted: 'Aiden by the way I am not on a downer with you, I think you are potentially brilliant but you have to find a song which you can control more.'

When asked for his opinion by host Dermot O'Leary, a visibly sad Aiden said: 'It was a bit rubbish... I don't know.'

It was also a complete turn around for Katie Waissel this week after just managing to scrap through after being saved in the sing-off.

But last night, the 24-year-old managed to prove her critics wrong with a stunning rendition of Etta James' I Would Rather Go Blind.

Keeping things simple: It was just Katie and her voice after last week's chaotic performance of Queen's We Are The Champions

In contrast to her wacky performance of Queen's We Are The Champions last week, the blonde singer was left alone on the stage with just her voice.

Crediting himself for Katie's continuation in the competition, Louis Walsh said: I am so glad I saved you. You're a hard worker. I think people in the press are giving you a hard time. You sang your heart out.

Dannii - who also voted to save Cheryl's act Katie - said she had changed her opinion: 'Katie nobody can deny you sang with every bit of effort that you have and that’s why I saved you last week.

'I didn’t like your performance on the Saturday, I like it stripped back, you’ve still got your personality and I think what we have to get across now, is to really show that personality, show who you are don’t hide behind things.'

Different opinions: The judging panel was often divided tonight with Dannii and Louis being targeted with jibes by Simon

Scottish-American singer Storm Lee, 37, was the first to perform with a rendition of Bruce Springsteen's Born To Run.

While the performance was toned down from last week's, he started the song sat on a motorcycle accompanied by four dancers.

While Dannii and his mentor Louis praised Storm, Cheryl and Simon appealed for him to tone down his performance and focus on the singing.

Dannii said: 'Strewth Storm... you sing very well. I'm actually loving the whole presentation. Last week I'm in shock, this week I'm loving it. You had the audience in the palm of your hand.'

Making an entrance: Scottish-American singer Storm Lee opened Saturday's show sitting on a motorbike

'Lose the craziness': Cheryl and Simon want Storm to sing without the large production behind him

But Cheryl was booed by the audience when she admitted she wasn't 'completely sold on he fact this is you... I would like to see you stand there and sing. For me if you're here, lose the craziness.

Simon conceded Storm's vocals were 'ok' but added 'it's so crazy I can't concentrate'.

After wowing the judges in Week One, Treyc Cohen, 26, put on another stunning performance this week with her hero Prince's iconic Eighties track Purple Rain.

Simon tipped her as a potential winner of this year's series: 'You looked absolutely gorgeous. That was incredible. It wasn't perfect, I think you lost the melody in parts. You've got to let yourself go the way you look, the styling isn't right.

Confusing messages: Simon told Treyc Cohen she looked 'gorgeous', before admitting he had a problem with her styling

'You could be a dark horse. You may be the one to watch. That was absolutely stunning.'

The third act up was cinema usher Paije Richardson, 19, who took on Alicia Keys' ballad If I Ain't Got You.

His backing dancers ended up causing a disagreement between Simon and Dannii after the music mogul questioned why they were there.

Simon said: 'You're like sunshine. you put everyone in a good mood.

'I know it's not your fault, but It looked like the dancers had walked on to the wrong song. Ms Minogue... whose responsibility it is, has screwed this up.'

'You're like sunshine': London teen Paije Richardson's rendition of If I Ain't Got You impressed everyone, but Simon questioned the backing dancers

When SImon asked Dannii if the dancers were suitable for the song choice, Dannii fired back: 'I thought so yeah. I loved the style you stamped on that.

'It’s kind of young and hip and cool to mix things together on stage these days and it works for Paije because he has strong direction. I was so happy with that performance tonight, it did get hotter and hotter towards the end.'

One Direction raised eyebrows with their supposed 'hero' - My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson - who was discovered by Cowell on American Idol.

Louis questioned the song choice, saying: 'My only problem is with your mentor, Kelly Clarkson... your hero? Really? I think Simon could have picked a better song.'

Is Kelly Clarkson really their idol? The song choice for boy band One Direction was questioned by some of the judges

Simon hit back, accusing Louis of being like a 'grey cloud on a sunny day', adding: 'It was so unnecessary to say something bitchy.'

While Cheryl didn't comment much on their singing, she gushed about One Direction's cuteness factor.

She said: 'I can't even cope with how cute you are. I wanna go up and hug them... in a nice way. You're so sweet. This is adorable. I wanna say this is the new big boy band, but I think that will come in time.'

One of the show's most controversial finalists Cher Lloyd received a mixed response with her mash-up of Annie and Jay-Z's It's A Hard Knock Life, which started off musical theatre-esque before turning into a hip-hop version.

Taking risks: Cher Lloyd was labelled a 'pop star' by her mentor Cheryl Cole after performing It's A Hard Knock Life

Fair enough: The 17-year-old took on Dannii's criticism that the song didn't pay off this time

Many fans on Twitter commented the 17-year-old from Worcestershire looked like London rapper Lady Sovereign in her lacy harem pants.

While her mentor Cheryl lauded her performance, saying 'you are a pop star', Dannii said she wasn't so convinced.

The Australian said: 'Brave song choice, I wasn’t sure about it tonight. I love every risk you’ve taken before but tonight it didn’t really work for me.'

Receiving universal praise from the judges was north London care worker John Adeleye, 29, for his powerful rendition of Donny Hathaway's A Song For You.

In a rare moment of agreeing with Louis, Simon said: 'Unfortunately got to hand this over to Louis and say this was a fantastic song. You gave it 100 per cent. It was a great performance.

Soul man: Care worker John Adeleye received universal praise for Donny Hathaway's A Song For You

After choosing Kelly Clarkson for New Direction, Simon appeared to bend the rules on Heroes week again as he chose the song Barbra Streisand by chart newcomers Duck Sauce for camp duo Diva Fever - which is expected to reach No.1 this weekend.

Not knowing who the song was by, Louis said: 'Really, heroes..? Boney M? Barbra Streisand?'

Avoiding Louis questioning whether the song fitted into the theme, Simon explained: 'I had to find a song you would make if you were gonna make a hit record.'
It was a change of pace for Liverpudlian single mother Rebecca Ferguson with a beautiful version of Nina Simone's Feeling Good.

Questionable choice: Diva Fever sang a song by chart newcomers Duck Sauce - which is tipped to be No.1 this weekend

Risking the wrath of Liverpudlians, Louis seemed to suggest he was surprised the 24-year-old was from Merseyside.

He said: 'You are what we're looking for. We're looking for someone with an amazing recording voice.

'You look so sophisticated... and you're from Liverpool! You've got so much star quality. I can see you going all the way.'

Another act finding their hometown coming into the judges' comments was Brazilian Wagner Carrilho, when Dannii admitted she didn't understand all the lyrics in his performance of Tom Jones's Just Help Yourself.

Representing Liverpool: Another strong performance from single mother Rebecca Ferguson

She said: 'Oh... My... God. I have never watched a performance like that before.
'Did you sing all of that in English? I didn’t understand all of it, last week I could understand you this week I couldn’t... I know (it's your accent). I've got a terrible accent.'

Taking the attention away from the singing, Simon asked Wagner about the recent tabloid reports of a romance with fellow Over-28s contestant Mary Byrne.

Wagner simply replied: 'Mary is a wonderful soul, a noble woman of a great character. She's a great friend of mine.'

Fun: Wagner Carillho was the most entertaining of the night with his energetic Tom Jones cover

Oh... My... God: Dannii was stunned by Wagner's act

Next up was Simon's girl grou Belle Amie, who sang The Kinks' You Really Got Me dressed like Sixties sirens with mini dresses, hotpants and heavy eyeliner.

Making a pop at Cheryl, Louis said: 'It was so much better than last week. You remind me of a young Girls Aloud.'

Dannii has mixed criticism: 'I love that version. The styling didn't work for me. Loved the make-up, but (the clothing) was distracting.'

Back to the Sixties: Belle Amie covered The Kinks' You Really Got Me after earlier clashing in rehearsals over who sang what

Final performance of the night was bookies favourite Matt Cradle, who hit a high C in his song.

Another questionable choice of song for Heroes week, the decorator performed Just The Way You Are by American chart newcomer Bruno Mars - who is actually two years younger than 27-year-old Matt.

Louis: 'I loved the way it was note perfect. It would be a No.1 record. You remind a little bit of Bono.'

Simon added: 'I absolutely loved the production on that Matt. You had two or three moments where you fell off, but I'll put down to nerves. It was a genius version of the song. Both you and Rebecca have the same issue - confidence. Once you get the confidence, you could be a brilliant recording artist.'

Hitting the high C: Matt Cardle is likely to stay one of the bookies favourites after singing Just The Way You Are by American chart newcomer Bruno Mars

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