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X Factor 2010: Flaky Katie Waissel survives by the skin of her teeth as Simon Cowell is down to one act after Belle Amie are voted off



It's a close call: Katie Waissel survived the X Factor by the skin of her teeth after performing Etta James' Trust In Me

She thought she had found her niche with 'quirky' songs like I Wanna Be Like You The Jungle Book and Bewitched.

But last night Katie Waissel came the closest she has ever come to being axed from the X Factor after going head-to-head with girl group Belle Amie in the final showdown.

However, the 24-year-old singer was given another chance after Belle Amie were finally thrown off the show.

The verdict: Katie and Belle Amie anxiously wait with host Dermot O'Leary to find out which of them will be going home

Belle Amie found themselves in the bottom two for the third time, and did their best in the sing-off with Katie Waissel by singing Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway

Before singing their hearts out for survival, the girls told Dermot: 'We are ready to fight for our place. We want to be here.'

After a shaky start, things went from bad to worse for Belle Amie, who sang both out of tune and out of time.

Time to go home: Belle Amie find out they have been voted off the X Factor, after the votes go to deadlock

Tears all round: The girls tearfully insisted it wouldn't be the end of the road for Belle Amie

Katie, who decided to sing Etta James' Trust In Me, added: 'I'm feeling nervous but OK. A little kind of...' before trailing off.

Walking nervously onto the stage wearing a sequinned top and harem-style trousers, a barefoot Katie did her best to perform the famous track to her best ability.

And, despite making it through to the end of the song, Katie then broke down in tears as she realised she could be the one going home.

Make or break: The girls took to the stage for their final time to perform Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway

She's through: But an emotional Katie managed to once again pull it out of the bag for her final song

Taking to the stage for what could be the final time, Katie and Belle Amie waited anxiously to find out their fate.

Struggling to contain her emotions, Katie broke down further when Simon told her: 'The most amazing thing with you Katie is that every time you're in this position you sing better than you do on the main show.'

However, Simon then added: 'But 100 per cent I'm going to stand by my girls.'

The judges: While Dannii looked good in a black sequinned dress, Cheryl missed the fashion stakes again

Not so glamorous: Cheryl managed to look years older by pulling her hair back while Dannii looked radiant

After Cheryl decided to back her own act and send home Belle Amie, Dannii also decided to send home Belle Amie.

But then Louis shocked viewers when he opted to send home Katie, sending things to deadlock.

Referring to the public vote, it was Dermot's duty to tell Belle Amie their time on the show was finally up and they would be leaving the programme.

In floods of tears, the girls said they wouldn't be breaking up the band that was created specifically through the TV talent show, adding: 'We are not giving up, this is not the end of Belle Amie. We have only been together for a couple of months but it has been amazing.'

And Simon, who now only has one act left, added: 'They have been a pleasure to work with. I don't think it's the end for this group, they're survivors.'

The judges opened the show as always, and most of the attention was on what Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole were wearing.

Rocking it out: Bon Jovi were the first performance of the night, and were joined by the finalists

Enjoying yourself, guys? All the contestants looked as though they were having fun with the performance

While Dannii once again looked stunning in a black sequinned dress from her Project D range, while Cheryl Cole once again failed to hit the fashion mark in a slightly odd Quality Street-inspired purple and pink dress with ruffles galore.

And, with her newly-red hair pinned back, Cheryl added managed to add years onto herself in a matter of seconds.

The first performance from the evening came from legendary rock group Bon Jovi, who were joined by the X Factor finalists as they sang their classic track Livin' On A Prayer.

Lead singer Jon Bon Jovi sounded as fresh as ever as he belted out his famous lyrics, while many of the contestants looked as though they couldn't believe their luck as they shared the stage with the band.

Controversial: Jamiroquai's Jay Kay was up next with a performance of new single White Knuckle Ride

Bad blood: While Simon and Louis applauded, Cheryl and Dannii kept silent following the singer's rant

Shocking: Jay Kay told Dermot he 'had reservations' about appearing on The X Factor

Belle Amie got into the groove by playing air guitar, while even Mary put her inhibitions aside to dance along to the undeniably catchy song.

And Bon Jovi were so impressed by the finalists' peformance that they decided to make them a unique offer.

Asked what he thought of the talent in this year's competition, Jon said: 'They're going to be opening for us on tour, watch out!'

Having her cake and eating it: Rihanna was literally the icing on the cake as she took to the stage

Rapturous applause: The judges gave Rihanna a much more enthusiastic response than Jay Kay

Carnage: Dermot wasn't too impressed as he got caught in the crossfire of a food fight in the background

In the second of the three performances of the evening, Jamiroquai's Jay Kay took to the stage with an exclusive rendition of his new single White Knuckle Ride.
Jay Kay: 'I have to say, I had reservations about coming on the show, but everyone has been charming and I've had a lovely time.'

However, there appeared to be some bad blood between Cheryl and Jay Kay, as the X Factor judge steadfastly refused to applaud his performance, and looked sullen as host Dermot O'Leary spoke to the singer afterwards.

Pretty in pink: Rihanna's performance went down a storm with the audience and the judges

Cheryl's refusal to applaud comes after Jay Kay launched an astonishing rant against the X Factor female judges just hours before appearing on the show.

He said: 'What are they going to tell me about f****** music? What the f***. When have you ever done anything? You're useless. The pair of you. I mean you look great and I'd like to f****** s**g you but that's all.'

Talking the judges a little later in the show, Dermot commented on the apparent feud between the judges and Jay Kay, telling Cheryl: 'Cheryl, nice to see a smile on your face. Wow, I'm never going to make enemies with you!'

Delighted: Cheryl can't hide her delight as Cher is voted through

Through: Rebecca Ferguson and Cher Lloyd find out they have made it another week

Controversial: Wagner was booed as he made it through to the next week's programmes

Rihanna finished the trio of performances of the evening, performing her new single The Only Girl In The World.

Wearing a pink corset dress with romper suit underneath, Rihanna had a Marie Antoinette style food fight going on behind her as she belted out her soon-to-be next hit.

After her performance, Rihanna encouraged her dancers to continue in their food fight, while Dermot said: 'I thought Lady Gaga was weird, but this is carnage!'
However, Rihanna received a slightly more enthusiastic response from the judges, who all stood to applaud her after her energetic performance.

Then it was time to find out which of the contestants had made it through to next week's shows.

Devastated: Katie finds out she will have to perform in the sing-off alongside Belle Amie

Resigned: Belle Amie looked as though they had been expecting they would be in the bottom

After all the judges took to the stage with their remaining finalists, Dermot began to announce which had been lucky enough to get a second chance.

Paije, Cher, Aiden, One Direction, Matt, Rebecca, Mary and Treyc were all through, as well as Louis' controversial act Wagner, who refused to give into the audience's boos and bowed gallantly before leaving the stage.

Next week's show will see former X Factor alumni Shayne Ward and Dannii's sister Kylie Minogue perform.

source: dailymail

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