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X Factor 2010: Judges split into two camps as Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh continue the back-biting



Still Mr Nasty? Simon Cowell traded barbs with Louis Walsh almost nearly every act on Saturday's live show

It may only be week two of the X Factor, but its looks like the competition between the judges is already heating up.

On Saturday night's show, the judges table appeared to be split into two camps - with Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh regularly trading barbs from either end.

Even Dannii Minogue found herself as the target of Simon's criticism, when he lambasted the dancers chosen to accompany her act Paije Richardson.

He accused Dannii of 'screwing up', claiming 'it looked like the dancers had walked on to the wrong song' when he sang Alicia Keys' ballad If I Ain't Got You.

When Simon asked Dannii if the dancers were suitable for the song choice, Dannii fired back: 'I thought so yeah. I loved the style you stamped on that.

'It’s kind of young and hip and cool to mix things together on stage these days and it works for Paije because he has strong direction. I was so happy with that performance tonight, it did get hotter and hotter towards the end.'

Louis questioned Simon's choice of songs for his acts for 'Heroes week' several times, asking whether Kelly Clarkson was really the idol of teen boy band One Direction.

A judging table divided: It's Louis Walsh and Dannii Minogue on one side...

Shaky: Dermot O'Leary supports Aiden Grimshaw after he gets mixed praise from the judges

The Simon and Cheryl club disagreed with Louis and Dannii over the latter's act Aiden Grimshaw's rendition of John Lennon's Jealous Guy.

While Louis and Dannii praised his performance, Cheryl told the 18-year-old: 'You could be a really credible artist, tonight that performance was shaky for me.'

Simon reiterated her comments: 'There were too many times on that song where it went out of control. Last week you were on the money, nerves got the better of you, it ran away with you...'

Louis interrupted Simon - telling Aiden his performance was 'amazing', prompting Simon to defend his criticism.

Firm friends: Simon appeared to agree with everything Cheryl Cole said

He said: 'Aiden by the way I am not on a downer with you, I think you are potentially brilliant but you have to find a song which you can control more.'

Simon backed up Cheryl again when she was booed by the audience for her critique of Storm's song with both urging him to tone down the 'crazy' element of his set.

But Simon did take the opportunity to tease Cheryl after her fake tan was widely mocked by viewers and the media last week.

Simon said: 'Let me just say Cheryl you look so much nicer tonight. Less orange.'
Cheryl returned the compliment: 'You too... and your teeth look whiter tonight.'

Tension: After Cheryl won the show two years in a row, the other judges are desperate to stop her making a hat trick

After the newest judge Cheryl won the talent show two years in a row, there is more pressure than ever for either Dannii, Simon or Louis to win this year.

Perhaps Simon was siding with Cheryl as Louis criticised the Girls Aloud singer last week.

He said last week: 'I have an opinion. It’s not all about you, Cheryl... I’m fed up listening to her! It’s not her show.'

Even before the show was broadcast, there were revelations of back-stabbing and in-fighting among the contestants.

Cheryl looked straight-faced as she turned up clutching a killer pair of Jimmy Choo stilettos... which she may have lent to one of her contestants after choosing a pair of Miu Miu heels instead.

Support: Louis keeps hold of Dannii's hand as the judges greet the audience

Two of the contestants said to be at the centre of the back-biting - Cher Lloyd and Katie Waissel - are Cheryl's acts.

The show has always been surrounded by some sort of controversy and this year's X Factor has been no different.

Gamugate has been overshadowed this weekend after reports emerged of back-stabbing and bitchiness between contestants.

And to make matters worse, a stomach bug has hit the show, forcing some finalists to miss rehearsals as even their guru Simon succumbed to the virus.

According to The Sun yesterday, rehearsals for Saturday's descended into bitchiness and rowing between contestants over their live slots and favouritism.

Spike: Cheryl gets straight to the point with these killer stiletto boots as she arrived at the X Factor studios on Saturday afternoon

This year's show has been branded the bitchiest yet with finalists ignoring Katie Waissel, 24, and Cher Lloyd, 17, who they think are getting special treatment.
According to insiders, during rehearsals at the show's studios in Wembley, north London, both girls wore expensive outfits, which raised suspicions among the other contestants.

The source said: 'People couldn't believe how amazing they looked and were loudly moaning. But most people just ignored the two of them and refused to speak to them.'
Storm Lee became the subject of rehearsal wrath after he took an hour to practise his version of Bruce Springsteen's Born To Run for the show.

Each act is allocated around 15 to 20 minutes to perfect their routines with the aid of singing coaches and creative director Brian Friedman, but some were said to be timing their rivals.

All smiles: Dannii looked happy before going into the frosty studio environment

Arguments also erupted over tonight's line-up with some acts refusing to go first after FYD, who were the first act to perform last week and were then voted off.
The source added: 'People were saying, "I can't go first", pretending that their nerves would get the better of them. In fact, the reality is they reckon it's the worst slot.

'Almost all were saying they wanted to go last or towards the end so they'd be fresh in the audience's mind when it came to voting. It's all tactical. Most of them have no nerves at all.'

As if that wasn't all bad enough, the contestants and judges have been hit with a stomach bug with Rebecca Ferguson and Matt Cardle are among a handful of finalists who have been forced to miss rehearsals after contracting the virus.

source :dailymail


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